I Was Bound 2 Give My Opinion On This Video

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 1.26.50 PMi had to use this picture for this entry to describe the video.
you’ll see once you see the video.
so yeezus debuted his new video “bound 2” on ellen for the world.
my favorite song on the album too.
well my thoughts …

tumblr_mk4l0elMNj1r7i2rko2_r1_250a wack sauce burrito covered in cheese.
just drippin everywhere.

was he fuckin’ her on the bike?
is that how she looks when she is getting his pipe?
bored and uninterested?
the kiss she gave him was also awkward.
it’s like they told her kiss a wild bandicoot or raccoon or some shit.
i don’t get it.
maybe im not suppose too.
i wonder if the president had an opinion about the video?
ya know since yeezus told obama to keep kim’s name out his mouth:

am i the only one…
who sorta wished in that video…
they woulda rode off into the sunset never to be seen again?

lowkey: for someone who wants to be this life changing fashion designer,
you would think his wardrobe would pop.
how many times he gonna flex in those same torn jeans?
serious question.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “I Was Bound 2 Give My Opinion On This Video”

  1. This was the most piece of shit music video you ever shown me, Jamari.
    I can’t stand those people especially Kanye and I am waiting for God to strike him with lighting for claiming to be Jesus or God w/e.

      1. worthless never. You just haven’t sold out to the man yet. But you never know how things turn out. Her interview ob power 105 on youtube was informative on certain things pertaining to what you do.

      2. Yup todays upload. Two seperate parts. The lawsuits, advertising costs, and copyrighting n protecting yourself down the road. Sum fluffy too

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