I Said Goodbye Today

giphyso i’m called into the office right before my time to go.
my boss and mr. green were in there all day.
they were acting weird with me throughout the week,
but today they were on an all time level of “off”.

“so jamari we have to tell you…”

…and that was the intro into how they let me go.
it was very cold and detached.
even though my boss tried playing sympathetic,
he would make a terrible actor.
they did me with the:

“it’s not you/it’s me”

…spiel you say to someone you trying to break up with.
it was all a real passive aggressive mess.
they told me they would give me a severance,
thanked me for my hard work throughout the years,
took my ID badge and watched me clean out my drawer,
and proceeded to have guards escort me out the building.

i was escorted out by guards like some common crook.
all that “you were such a great employee to us” meant shit after that stunt.
i hope they didn’t think i was going to tear up the office?
i value my reputation and how i’m perceived in a professional environment.
it would never get that deep with me.
i walked out there with my head held high.

57c73d85160000890bbffca2i didn’t feel bad tho.
this is something that i’ve wanted for a while.
what they didn’t realize is i had an interview with the ceo wolf’s team at lunch.
so while they were being trife,
i was setting up a comeback.

let’s cross our paws for a new beginning soon.

lowkey: i reallllllly want to work there!

Author: jamari fox

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24 thoughts on “I Said Goodbye Today”

  1. The pettiness with those two runs deep don’t it? Even though you handled it with class ( as you always do) the being escorted by the guards was much.

    It’s ok though like Toni said let it flow. You have better opportunities coming your way. Still been praying you get this job with the CEO.

  2. Damn, I literally gasped when you said you were escorted out by guards. Really? They were doing the absolute most. SMH. I’m hoping it gets better for you.

    1. ^i was lowkey embarrassed because people were looking from their computers.
      i saw an assistant in the elevator and they were looking like wtf.
      i hope karma took notes…

      1. Jamari thats standard these days they take your ID and escort you out and or ship your things to you. I had it happen to me… but i came back better and stronger…

  3. I’m glad you handled that situation with class, because I would of turned them every which way but loose. I get it though you did the right thing, hopefully you get that job at the CEO company, fingers crossed.

  4. Sorry. But not Sorry. You needed to released from unhappiness so you can find your happiness. A year from now you will understand.

  5. Well aint this some Shit, not making you do the Perp walk out the building, these Snow People are off the chain now that there leader Chester Cheetos is going to the Whitehouse. This was Shady AF and so uncalled for. It is always greater later, and now that you are gone, when the department caves in, who will they blame then. Good Riddance. 2017 is around the corner and it will be new beginnings for us all.

  6. You know there are sites where you can rate your place of business, where you can give your honest review of what goes on at that trifling place with rating of ” Below Average” or “Worst”. I’m glad your done Jamari and to a new clean path in life. Tell “CEO” your donzo at that place of disorganization and give yourself much needed rest. Those duo better pay for the misery, pain, and mental anguish.

  7. My motto for 2017 is, good things will happen to good people. You’re grouped into that “good people” category, so anchor your faith in that. I have no doubt that this set-back is really the universe’s way of propelling you towards a greater trajectory.

  8. #ImWithJamari lol but for real, they don’t deserve you if they don’t value you. Good you said bye to that mess. Now focus on your future. 2017 will be good for you. I know that.

  9. Well you don’t seem like a mean person. You don’t seem unprofessional. You don’t seem like you were just collecting and undeserved check like some folks I know. So their loss not yours. Keep your eyes open for your blessing though. Stay up and God bless the child that with a good heart and can keep their shit together when the going gets tough.

  10. It’s about time! I’m glad you can FINALLY look forward. Others are right, they don’t deserve you! On to better things! (Much luck buddy!)

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