tumblr_mduhzqMjsv1qifqhio1_500after yesterday’s ( x comment discussion ) with lindo,
it has reaffirmed my love for the spanish culture.
spanish wolves especially.
p ricans.
haven’t really been attracted to mexican wolves.
the spanish vixens aren’t bad either.
it made me want to watch one of my favorite movies,
“i like it like that”.
i watched it a couple a years ago by mistake and loved every minute of it.
jon seda who plays “chino” was legit my crush standard in spanish wolves.
even tho his character was an asshole,
he had swagg in this movie.
i wanted to watch it again.
guess what?
you’re watching it too.
so get comfortable for a movie afternoon in the foxhole


good boy.
here is what the movie is about:

Lisette and husband Chino face marital difficulties. She is fed up with the kids, while he has job troubles. His mother Rosaria hates Lisette and the neighborhood tramp has designs on Chino. Things get even worse when Chino goes to jail and Lisette gets a good job uptown. Can this marriage be saved?

…oh get the popcorn.

14 thoughts on “I LIKE IT LIKE THAT.

  1. Chino’s persona remind me of my mother’s gf brother of who I used to have a crush on.

      1. You have to eat empanadas after your third or fourth sex because you’ll get cramps.
        But now you made me hungry for food & sex.

  2. OMG! The dude in the top pic is phyne as hell! If he is into guys, he would strike me as one of those “I don’t date blacks” type of guys. Lord knows I’ve met lots of those! LOL

      1. @Nasty Boys…I know! And the sad part is that they see nothing wrong with it. I used to have that shallow mentality back in the day, where it was only brothas for me. I met this handsome, kind PR kat and he just took it to a whole ‘nother level! He moved away. After that I expanded my horizons to include latino kats. I have yet to have a serious relationship with a Dominican, because all those I’ve met THINK they’re getting over on me…and that is so far from the case. I don’t tolerate BS and can recognize it when I see it. LOL

        You and Lindo had mentioned a comment about Cubans. Let me tell you…I had a nightmarish relationship with a Cuban dude. You guys said Dominicans were possessive…well, this dude put them to shame! LOL

        1. ^see that’s what I’m scared of.
          spanish wolves can turn super possessive real quick.
          I’ve seen it with straight relationships.
          they will cheat on you left and right,
          but will expect you to stay home and tend to home.
          it can be sexy and scary at the same time.

          1. @Foxi…that’s what freaked me out. I wasn’t used to someone trying to tell me what I could and could not do and watching my every move. It’s so true what I hear though…he started out nice, but that disappeared once he thought I was his, so to speak. LOL
            He was bi, like me, and he was used to individuals doing what he said (his girlfriends). I wasn’t going for that. When I tried to break things off, that’s when the weird stalking-like behavior started.
            Dude harassed me for 3 months.

  3. That lady from New York Undercover is in it and that dude from the Selena movie.When I don’t know someone’s name, I just pick the first film or TV show I know them from.The main dude’s picture is hot and all, but do you notice that most of the Spanish wolves that people find attractive look Mulatto.It’s like if Obama spoke Spanish and said he was Dominican or Puerto Rican, everybody would believe him.A lot of groups that people find attractive look Mulatto, like some of the Polynesian ethnic groups and some Arabs.

    I just find it weird that a lot of Spanish people are just Mulattos that can speak Spanish.If you seen a Mulatto dude and he was like “Hey what’s up, I like that ass.”You’d be like “take yo whack ass home.”But if he was like “Ay Papi, me gusta ese culo.”You’d be like “let’s go behind this bush right quick.”

    It’s weird that speaking another language, specifically Spanish, can make someone hotter than they actually are.I guess it’s that Latin lover thing, because even the European Spanish/Spaniards from Spain are stereotyped as being Latin lovers.Same goes for the French and Italians, who are both under the Latin umbrella.Some Spanish witch must’ve put a spell on her culture to always be desired even if you don’t speak the language.When I was little, I had a huge crush on Jessica Alba.I am gay but I didn’t know back then, I thought she was so hot and she doesn’t even speak Spanish.

    Off topic:I turned to Wrestling the other day and there was a woman talking, she was saying that she grew up wanting to wrestle and comes from a family of wrestlers.In my head I’m like “Wow a black woman wrestling, I haven’t seen one in a while.”Then it turns out she’s Polynesian.I’m thinking “what the hell.”Her build was like a black woman’s, body and face structure.She also had puffy Afro-like curls.

    1. ^you do that too chase?
      i definitely don’t know half their names.
      i can tell your their character names real quick tho.
      susan lucci is on devious maids and I call erika kane,
      sarah jessica parker will be carrie bradshaw no matter what role she plays,
      and all the cast of martin is their characters lol

      i literally LOL’d at “come here in this bush”.
      ya know I never looked at that mulatto theory,
      but now that you mentioned it,
      he could pass for one.
      spanish people never like to acknowledge they are black.
      if we thought color issues struck hard in our community,
      be a brown skinned spanish person.

      1. Yeah, black people aren’t the only ones with color issues.Indians(the ones from India) have that problem in their community.There were these 2 Indian twins on TV show a few years ago, they’re both actors, they said India doesn’t allow them to be in movies because they’re dark skinned.The girls were both beautiful and if they were black, they’d be considered light in our community.

        The dude from Selena(with Jlo) has pretty eyes.That’s another I can’t stand about people.They always think that pretty eyes have to be different colors like blue or green.People with dark brown eyes can have pretty eyes as well.I find blue or green eyes on white people to be dull looking because their skin color washes them out.But dark brown eyes on white people look great.I saw this black girl on TV the other day, her eyes were so pretty because their shape was perfect.They were sharp/cat-like but not like Asian people’s eyes.BTW I like Asian people’s eyes to.

        I keep watching that scene at the 25/26 minute mark where it’s up-close on his face.I’d be so nervous having him all up in my face looking so edible like that.I’d cum right then and there if he kissed my hand with those full pink lips like that.Joking(but not really)

        Black/Brown hair with dark brown eyes is a perfect combo.That’s why God gave the majority of humans that hair and eye color.God knows what’s sexy, that’s why no one has naturally green and blue hair.

        1. ^i would have had to fuck him again.
          he has an intense gaze of the flesh.

          i think people who obsess with eye and skin color need help.
          there are so many attractive dark skin people in the world.
          i find darker men with muscular bodies more sexual stimulating.
          all the light skinned-ed guys look the same and follow the same formula.
          no one really stands out anymore because you see one; you see em all.

          i remember this wolf i was talkin to,
          he was dark skinned,
          he legit said to me, “well you are lucky you are light skinned because you pass…”
          *record skip*
          i never looked at myself as light skin.
          i am caramel complected aka black.
          but if that helps me “sleep at night” then okay LOL
          i never got hooked into skin complexion,
          but so many people are.
          its kinda scary.

      2. I never got hooked into skin complexion either.I’ve always had the thought that every group has attractive people and unattractive people.I never thought that one group specifically is just all ugly, while one group in particular is all sexy.Some people think like that though.I’m also caramel/medium toned to but I have family members that are light, and family members that are dark, and family members that are my color.I can’t stand my family members now.I’m gonna move far away from them.I wanted to move to Florida but as we’ve all seen, some thing isn’t right in the waters in Florida, Zombies eating people’s faces, putting your wife’s dead body pic on facebook after you just murdered her, retards not understanding the words “don’t follow him.”

        I do want to move to a place that has a gay scene/clubs with attractive men.Not to be mean because I’d fuck a fem dude but sometimes I wanna be handled.I heard Florida has Latinos there, specifically Cuban.I also heard there’s a Haitian community sown there to.So I’m sure I could find some good dick somewhere down there.

    2. ^everyone loved jessica alba back in the day.
      i had it bad for roselyn sanchez and jlo.
      jlo got a lot of backlash for her non speaking spanish.
      it’s bad that you are casted out the culture if you don’t speak spanish.

      speaking of vixens,
      christina aguilera shows her full spanish when she had jet black hair.
      she is stunning with that hair color.
      i wish she would go back to that.

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