Hook Ups to Hang Ups

The HumDrum Hook Up.

You ever been hooked up with someone who is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOT your type?
Not even in your lowest moment, you could rock with this dude?

Your friend thought this particular dude would be Heaven Sent, like Keyshia Cole sung in that ballad.
This lifestyle leaves us with limited choices sometimes so you take up the offer because maybe, just maybe, they got it right?

You meet him and it is a definite NO.


Take a walk with me Foxes…

So I have been spending my semi cupcake time with A from “Double Dick Of Boredem”
and it is still moving slow but, we have made progress with some communication…

I was introduced to someone inbetween that and I thought I might have been onto something… but he turned out to be nothing.

He is my homegirl’s friend’s boy.

Now look,
a brotha is usually not down for hookups anymore because THEY ALWAYS GET IT WRONG.

Like, the time I was introduced to this dude who had the gigantic afro and lip lickin’ problem.
Every other anything that came out his mouth was followed by him licking them chompers.
He was showing signs of “CRAZY” so, I was GOOD.

Or the time I was hooked up with my own personal Urkel.
I had to ignore his 1,000 phone calls in one day for him to get the message I was not interetsed.

I HATE hook ups because they ALWAYS seem to ALWAYS get it wrong.
I am grateful to have friends who care,
but they obviously missed the memo to what I am attracted too and just because
YOU think he is a good man, doesn’t mean we can rock.

I decided to give THIS ONE a chance.
I heard “works at college, late 30s, TOP, own crib… and looking for a sexy younger bottom to lock down“.

Sounded like a man; not a boy.
Maybe I would be able to get influenced by a strapping older gentleman.
He could teach me something in the day and punish me with the pipe by nite.
… and I always try to be a bad boy when I can……..


Dean, as we will call him, was bad with communication.
I was asked to send my picture to my friend so he can see what I looked like.
Dean was pleased with what he saw, but why did it take him two days to send his?
He needed to have a “photo shoot” in order to show me what he looked like.

I was already looking at my watch.

So he sent me his picture and I was happily surprised.
He had a nice looking face and body…. but he was laying on a bed, wearing his draws, and stroking a cat.


he would send messages through my friend with what he wanted to say to me.
But I have his email tho.
He only sent like 2 messages that were uninspiring to say the least.
One about I look good and another about this time of year makes him feel lonely.


So I had to snap at my friend for entertaining the bullshit and trying to hook me up with the Dean of Child Like Academics. I mean, c’mon dude, this isn’t high school. You about too old for alla this.

She gets mad because I snap at her and says she is out of it….. and that was it.
Didn’t hear from him (like, I wasn’t anyway *shrugging shoulders*)
He says to her that I never established communication with him.
I sent him my messenger info and he talking about I never added him…. which I did.
I am not begging for a nigga to date me.
I am not like these other bottoms out here, mad thrist.

I was over it but whenever he is around my friend, he still asking about me.

Shit, keep asking my dude.
Not like you going to get it anyway.

I need a dude who is gonna come after this.
I do not need to put a trail of Jamari mix on the floor for a nigga to come sniff out this bait.
He should be putting in overtime and showing me he is interested……………

…………………………….. which will lead me to A and his bullshit.

Next blog,
it’s his turn to roast.

Later Foxes

3 thoughts on “Hook Ups to Hang Ups

  1. CLEARLY you see what happens when you compromise your standards simply because you’re a bit lonely. It never really works out because you aren’t all that interested to begin with. Oh and i NEVER trust fysh to hook me up with anyone. They always seem to believe that because you’re a homosexual… and he’s a homosexual… its going to work out. No sweetie, there’s a lot more to it than that. But i know what you mean, you’re looking for the aggressive type who goes after what he wants. Who will tell you what the TWO of you are going to do together and takes charge in various situations. I’m right there with you like… where is he and whats going on with all of these passive men? Because i will not chase a thing.

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