He Invites Me In… Part 2

….inserts a finger in my booty hole. He fingers me slowly. His mouth clamps onto my neck. He starts sucking.

He takes his other hand and places it around my dick. He jerks me off slowly.

“Damn.” I whisper.

He flips me around so I can view the present that was waiting for me….

“You like that baby?”

“Oh hell yes!” I replied, turning back around.

I felt weak in my knees. Between the sight of his beautiful dick and what he was doing to me, I was receiving more pleasure than a bottom could handle.

He takes his hand and bends me over. He rubs his dick in between my booty. He takes his dick and slowly moves it around my cheeks. I could feel the head slip in-between my crack.

“You ready for this dick?” He says, whipping his dick on my ass.

“Been ready.”

“Stand up.”

I stand up and face him. He bites on his fat bottom lip and pulls me closer. He kisses me. I feel his warm tongue slip into my mouth. I love it.

I try not to cum on myself because his body was so right. I rub my hands up and down his chest. Enjoying it all. His hands land on my butt cheeks. He grips them firmly. He jiggles them and smacks them. He suddenly picks me up and I wrap my legs around his waist. He carries me to his room.

He smacks me on the ass and lays me down gently on the bed. He starts to jerk his dick as he looks at me. I bite my lip. He smiles. I lift both of my legs in the air and spread them slowly apart. I take my hands and rub in between my thighs. He really likes that.

He walks over to his drawer and pulls out a condom and some lube. He pulls the condom on and puts lube on top. He grabs me by my legs and flips me over. He climbs on top of me and pours the lube down by ass crack. He opens me up with his fingers.

He takes his dick and slowly enters me. He fingers me again and sticks it in deeper. He was determined. He leans in closer and whispers in my ear…

“Open up for Daddy, Jamari.”

I take my hands and spread my ass cheeks apart. I felt him start to finger fuck me with his middle finger. He finger dives deep in me and starts to massage my prostate. I start moaning like he was fucking me. It felt so damn good. He finally enters me and lays on top of me. He grabs me by my neck and starts to grind slowly into me.

“Daddy…” I cry out.

“I got you baby.”

He starts to massage his dick into me slowly. He lifts his hips up and down in a slow rhythm. He puts his hand on my left butt cheek and arches his back up so he could attempt to go deeper. He starts jabbing me in a slow steady motion. I close my eyes and bite my lips.

“Take that.” He moans in my ear.

He takes another hand and places it on my neck. He starts to thrust in and out of me a little faster. I feel blood rushing to my head. I am losing my breath. I like it. He spreads his legs wider and slams into me harder. The bed springs start to squeak.

He takes his hands off my neck and raises me up by my hips in the doggy style position. He positions me to face a mirror in front of us. He takes his hand and presses it in the small of my back. I lay lower on the bed. He raises my ass up. He starts to stroke me again slowly. I bounce effortlessly off and on his dick.

“Look at me.”

I look back at him.

“No.” He protrudes his lips forward, “In the mirror.”

I look at him through the mirror. He is biting his lip. He is fucking me with a nice stead pace. Not to hard and not to soft. It feels good.

“You like this dick?” He asks.

“Yes.” I said, closing my eyes.

“No, look at me in my eyes.” He demands.

I open my eyes.

“You like this dick?” He asks.

“Yes baby.” I reply.

He puts both of his hands on my shoulders and starts to do quick hard thrusts. I could feel myself slipping off the bed. He grabs me by my waist and pulls me back. He continues to give me more hard slow thrusts.

“Oh God.” I moan out.

“Keep looking at me baby. I got this.” He says, going faster.

He starts to beat it up. I want to close my eyes but I am looking at him in his eyes, as he is with me.

“Shit I am cummin.” He says, fucking me faster and harder.

I feel his legs tighten up and he gives me one good pound that makes me fall off his dick and onto the bed. He jerks the nut out of his dick. It lands on my ass cheek. He is breathing hard. I am damn near in a coma.

He smacks me on the ass.

“You good?” He says, breathing heavy and smiling.

“Uh huh.” I reply, exhaling.

He gets up off the bed. He gets a towel and wipes his ejaculate off me. I smile.

Daddy did good.

He lays down beside me. He smiles. He wraps his arms around me. He squeezes on my booty cheek.

“Daddy.” I said.


“Now it’s time my turn.”

“Whatchu mean?” He asks, confused.


I raise up and put my hand the shaft on his dick. My mouth lowers onto the head.

“Aww shit.”

Written by Jamari Fox.
9-30-09: Copywritten.

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