What Is Going On With August Alsina?

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 9.37.46 PMaugust alsina
what is going on with you????
i know i have let september have it a few times,
but that doesn’t mean that i don’t genuinely care him.
so august fainted and fell offstage ( x a week ago ),
but it wasn’t until nicki minaj posted this shot on her instagram…

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 9.38.05 PM1419i know he was having seizures but damn…
we in the foxhole are sending out positive energy for !

you know i secretly think you’re bae with your ratchet ass.

lowkey: i hope chris and trey contacted him to see how he was.
seeing how fake the industry can be tho…
super eye roll.

picture credit: his | hers

4 thoughts on “What Is Going On With August Alsina?

  1. i prayed for him the first time you posted about him…seizures are no joke bruh and actually many things can cause seizures…STRESS is a big factor…many people in our age group don’t rest like they’re supposed to causing their bodies to psychological and physiological stress which contributes greatly to them having seizures…i know plenty of people who smoke weed and party heavy and they’re older than august but they’re not having seizures…these stars live in studio and party a lot and they live on fumes they’re not resting like they should..this guy i was talking to on the phone one day said he left from philly to go to nyc one night for a party, partied all night and left str8 from nyc and hopped on a train back to Philly and went str8 to work…and i told him you better slow down because he does this often…when you over exert yourself your body shuts down…not to mention other drugs and pills they take..these days brothas poppin all of these pills, many of which are psychological drugs that affect your nervous system…August needs to fall back, refrain from whatever drugs he experimented with and REST!!!!!! personally i don’t think he had a seizure i think he has sickle cell and that they’re not being honest…Get well soon August

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