Foxes Like Wolves With Big Tails

tumblr_nt3ko12Gai1s4n907o1_1280…or am i the only one?

lowkey: big thighs get a raised eye as well.

13 thoughts on “Foxes Like Wolves With Big Tails

  1. I like it all on a man, but a nice butt takes front and centre. But I’m more of a hybrid than a full fox so.. but yeah, a certified wolf with tail is my personal favourite lol!

  2. Ok….and the purpose of him posting this pic is what?! He would probably be pitching a fit if some dude commented on his ass…meanwhile you posting a pic with your ass front and center, with the pants UNDER the curve of the ass! Go figure! LOL

  3. Remove the undies so I can make sure it’s not an illusion. But big thighs are definitely A++++

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