i’ll say one good thing that came out of that hooker that was ex therapist.
i’m sorry foxhole but i’m still really mad at her and that.
i still haven’t gotten an email with a follow-up or anything.
she is absolutely banished to the lowest island of hell.
for one of our past assignments,
she wanted me to start

… private journal outside of the foxhole.

it would be a place to really jot down my thoughts.
i have “day one” and i wrote in it off and on over the years…

…but i ended up really utilizing it since she suggested a more private part of my life.
she wanted me to write twice a day,
morning and evening,
with whatever i was feeling at that moment.
the app comes with reminder alarms that have been helping me stay on track.

Not only that…

my foxy senses were driving me to open a private twitter.
it would be a twitter that would work with the journal.
i find myself jotting down thoughts as the day goes on.

I tweet privately ALL THE TIME.

any thought i have at that moment,
i tweet about it and release it.
if i’m mad at someone/situation,
being honest about my feelings for a wolf,
or simply going back and forth about an idea i’m having.
i even put what i’m grateful for too:

i’m starting to see why celebs have public and private socials.
i feel on a public twitter,
we get too concerned about who is reading and liking it.
on a private twitter,
you just be in your own bubble.

i would highly suggest it to any foxholers.
i’ll link the apps you can use to journal that i’ve used:



you can use your notes app as well,
but i like apps with layouts and the whole experience.


for those who want a private twitter for just them.
i say try it out for a week and see how you like it.
it wouldn’t hurt,

lowkey: i looked back at some of the shit i was dealing with the last year.
day one will sometimes send you memories from a year ago.
i cringe at the people and situations i was upset about.

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