flood my hole (literally)

i didn’t get any sleep last night…

The Devil had other plans for me.

last night,
before i decided to go to bed,
i went to wash dishes.
when i walked into my kitchen,
i saw a water puddle in front of the sink.

I know you ain’t spill something and left it on the floor??????”

i didn’t go in the kitchen for hours but the puddle looked fresh.
so i cleaned it up and washed the few dishes in my sink.
when i looked down

Water starts to slowly rush at my feet.

when i opened the cupboard under the sink,
there was nothing leaking.

So I’m confused AF.

am i imagining this shit right now?

I’m freakin’ TF out because I’m wondering if this is going to flood my apartment?

i had to put towels down and even though i tried to sleep,
i was too filled with anxiety and trying to be alert.

i found out today that my upstairs neighbor’s kitchen pipe’s busted.
the water was coming down through the walls.

it was dripping and flowing when they would use their sink.
i’m exhausted and waiting for this to be fixed.
every fuckin’ noise i hear gets me into a panic.

adulting is fun!

3 thoughts on “flood my hole (literally)

  1. That sucks.
    But on the bright side,at least you’re renting.I’m having a plumbing issues but as a homeowner I have to pay to have it fixed 😔

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