Dez Bryant Likes To Beat It Up…. Only This Time, It Was His Mama.

what a sad and dusty mug shot.

i am big on mothers.
this one here is now thrown to the wolves (no pun intended).
take it away terez…

Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant was arrested on a misdemeanor family violence charge after turning himself in to police yesterday afternoon — Dez posted the $1,500 bond after learning a warrant had been issued for his arrest, according to his attorney, Royce West . More details would be released today — Bryant confirmed the incident Monday to WFAA News 8 in Dallas but declined to discuss the matter…rumor has it he either hit or slapped his mother — Football season can’t begin soon enough. -TO


and another report:

We’ve certainly had quite the little parade of arrests through this NFL offseason, but few are as disturbing as this: On Monday, Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant was arrested on charges of misdemeanor domestic violence, which stemmed from an incident that happened last Saturday. Bryant turned himself in to the DeSoto (Texas) police department after hearing of the charges, and was released from custody after posting $1,500 bail. However, and as first reported by Rebecca Lopez of WFAA-TV, the underlying reasons for Bryant’s arrest should give serious pause.

“Desoto police say Dez Bryant assaulted his mother,” Lopez wrote on her Twitter account. “Slapped her across the face and pulled her hair. Dez Bryant’s mother says she had pain and swelling as a result of injuries according to a police report. Police report says Bryant’s mother had asked him to leave when he allegedly assaulted her.”

The Dallas Morning News crime blog had this to add:

Angela Bryant told police that she and her son got into an argument Saturday afternoon at her home in the 800 block of West Pleasant Run Road.

Police said the Lufkin native grabbed his mother by the T-shirt, causing it and her bra to tear, according to police documents. She said he then grabbed her by the hair and slapped her across the face with his ball cap.

When asked for a response by WFAA-TV, Bryant would only say, “I’m good. I’m good.”

Bryant has been in trouble with the law before, though some of the charges have seemed skimpy  — such as  the time when he was thrown out of an upscale mall in the Dallas area for allegedly using bad inappropriate language and wearing sagging pants. But there was also the alleged altercation at a Miami Beach nightclub in January — Bryant was detained and released without arrest on that one. This, however, brings things to an entirely different level.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones seemed to know what he was getting into when he moved up in the 2010 NFL draft to take Bryant with the 24th overall pick out of Oklahoma State. In two seasons, Bryant has grabbed 108 receptions for 1,489 yards and 15 touchdowns, mixing incredible feats of football athleticism with bouts of maddening inconsistency.

“He has been frustrating and he has been elating,” Jones said last November. “It’s exactly what we thought when we drafted him right to the T. And so if we didn’t plan on having a little frustration we should have gone a different direction. No surprises with him.”

One would hope that this time, it’s a surprise … and not a very pleasant one.


any Wolf that can put his hand on his mama…
will more than likely put his hands on YOU.
awww dez.
such a shame you have been banished from the foxhole.
i don’t care how sexy you are.

i don’t get with ignorance.

the throat of your lifetime will not come from me.
i’m sure there are a few hyenas and jackals that would love to be your personal punching bag.
you can now take your:

10 thoughts on “Dez Bryant Likes To Beat It Up…. Only This Time, It Was His Mama.

  1. BTW< I like the gif of the Maxine Shaw character from "Living Single." I couldn't see it earlier on my phone.

  2. I hope these reports are false. I was such a big fan of his. No man should put their hands on a woman, especially your own mother. Theres a special place in hell for people like. Why the sexy ones always have to be crazy lol!!

  3. I would wait for the full account before writing him off for good. I just hope this isn’t true.

    S/N: A man that hits his mother has no regard for anyone else.

  4. We just praised this nigga the other day and now we’re throwing him into the gutter.SMH. I’m so disappointed and hurt because I’m such a big fan of his game; he’s really talented.

    It’s a shame a sexy nigga like him has to go to waste because he can’t keep his hands to himself.

    1. ^awww its okay man *strokes back*
      it hurt my feelings too.

      but, i want to hear his side.
      although it maybe heavily diluted by PR.
      at least when i watch him speak and make a decision.

      1. I don’t want to right him off tho. I read another story where they are saying he was fighting with a half brother and she got pushed in the mix by him. I still read that she had bruises tho, so he’s still on the shit list.

    1. ^that makes it right to hit her???????

      ETA: he is still wreckless with his lifestyle.
      but, i’ll wait til i hear his side before he takes his walk.
      i’ll place him on “den probation”.

      1. Didn’t say that, but we don’t know the full story, especially being that he has no history of reckless behavior. I don’t envy his position one bit. Drugs (especially cocaine) will mutate the people you used to know and love.

        I have no doubt my mama or sister would shoot to kill my ass if I was on drugs though. None at all.

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