The Snow Fox Who Got The New Baller Wolf

MICHAELSAMKISSthat snow fox just got him some new twitter followers and dinner at tgif fridays.
i’m not mad.
not mad at all.
so that was michael sam after the announcement was made.
white america is comfortable?
if it was ME and my baller wolf thoooooooooo…
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How To Apologize To Gays Quick, Fast, and In A Hurry

Screen-Shot-2013-11-17-at-10.59.20-PMporsha woke up the other day with her heart heavy.
yes lordt.
it was really heavy over her social media mentions looking pearl harbor.
the poor girl probably threw her phone down the toilet.
well she made a video apologizing about her leaked church rant the other day.
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Hey Kids! Another “D4D” Hookup Story! (Gather Round)

Z1NPCBEAT06C“d4d” meaning “death for dick”.
yes everyone,
add another “online hook app gone wrong” to the foxhole archives.
this time it involves the victim,
dino dizdarević,
and the online app of choice,
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The Gays Need To Be Saved From Hell, Signed Porsha

porsha-williams-in-tearsisn’t karma funny?
i’m sure she is about to do some more crying pretty soon.
so before porsha williams decided to chase reality show fame on #rhoa,
she was actually a bible thumping evangelist.
isn’t that against the religion or in the bible?
ya know in like chapter one or something.
“thou shall not participate in ratchet reality shows” or something like that?
anyway a vix-bi decided to drop off a video from tmz of her preaching.
the topic?
gays and other travesties of life needing to be saved.
yeaaahhhh buddyyy…
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How To Lose Fans and Get Hunted on Twitter (The Mighty Moose)

themightymoosehuntingbesides kenya moore getting her ass roasted tonight on stage,
the moose was getting that ass roasted on twitter…
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What Are They Doing To Arianna Grande?

TRUSTNORIHANNAwhite hooker boots?
  terrible dancing?
people looking and judging?
what is happening to arianna grande this era?
i know they want her to be the next “mariah carey“.
at least focused on mariah’s voice before she went “full fledged hoe” on our asses.
as you know,
i loved arianna’s first album.
i thought it was a well put together feel good pop album.
arianna’s recent performance at iheartmusic music awards tho…
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