Barbie Shows You What Plastic Body Parts Can Get You

021214-SI-Barbie-IA.vadapt.955.medium.34so barbie gets the cover on sports illustrated.
nicki minaj would be so proud.
they put her on the cover to boost her image.
my question is:
why is a doll,
that girls are known to play with,
on a major sports afflicted magazine?
isn’t that kinda… odd?
well the men who read tend to like their hoe’s body parts in plastic anyway.
i guess its about time she get her props.

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Westboro Bible Thumpers Vs The Great Wall of Mizzou

giphyit starts.
an f-bi just sent me this email about whats about to go down at mizzou this saturday.
the bible thumpers of westboro vs the university of missouri.
who will win?…
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