“i ain’t dating no bi man EVER”

I have learned in life that many vixens are full of shit.

that isn’t to font that all vixens are full of shit.
there are ones who say/font one thing,
proclaim a lot of big shit,
but do the opposite when they think no one is looking.
the ones online are notorious for the cap.

Many vixens are dating or married to bisexual males and THEY KNOW.

they only play they don’t know because they fear being judged.
it’s like when they break up with their manz and they’ll tell everyone:

He had a small peen
He was Broke
He didn’t wash his ass
even though they was online posting about eating groceries

…but was with him for 5 years faithfully.
so when i saw this bi male talmbout vixens STILL try to get with him,
even knowing that he messes with males as well

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christian keyes has made a mess

i have a feeling he is gonna be praying to that cross on his chest soon.
i knew this was gonna be a mess once this became a guessing game.
as much as i applaud christian keyes for sharing his story,
he did NOT execute this properly.

i have a feeling that if he doesn’t mention a name soon,
this is going to backfire on him.
christian hinted that it was someone everyone “would know“.
he made it pretty obvious with all the clues he left in his IG live.
so now he is liking tweets that it…
isn’t that person everyone is suspecting?…

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miss good better bring out the good bible in a (jonathan) majors way cause…

well Foxhole,
it seems jonathan majors won’t be having a merry christmas this year.

in fact,
his phone might be on DND because…

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yardiestyle debuts who he gets pu$$y from

an OF fav.
yardie wanted to let us know a while ago that he is bi.
i think we fonted about it over in the backwoods.
usually when some of the gays get a little too excited,
some have to be reminded that there is no chance.
i don’t know.
either way,
a foxholer sent me a tweet about yardie and a vixen he is dating

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chrisean rock don’t want no feminine son since she gonna be mom and dad

why did chrisean rock decide have a child?
serious question.
i feel like some people think having a kid is cute on paper “until“.
she chose to keep the creamy filling for someone who didn’t want her!
she claims she doesn’t want her son to come out feminine

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is this what God wanted for us because this sucks

Migrants everywhere and nowhere at the same time
The Adams Administration being literal buffoons
Violence making a comeback like its 90s NY
Rona and Tuberculosis starting their country wide tour from NY
Inflation is infiltrating our savings accounts in order to survive
The cornballs in our government bringing us into their group chat
Nothing being done by our cornballs in the government
Crazy people being liked cause of the chaos they create
Twitter being turned into Truth Social Deux
…am I missing anything else?

and climate change being the biggest bitch of them all.
i sat on my couch last night,

thinking to myself how i want to leave new yawk.
that is the first time i wanted to leave my city.
that is when i had to ask myself…

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