4th of july will never be the same for kendrick norton jr

life can be unfair at times.
i often wonder

Can life be fair for some people all the time?

meaning for some,
do things go smoothly 95% of the time?
baller wolf for the dolphins,
kendrick norton jr,
might be having these same thoughts at this moment.
he lost his arm in a car crash this morning in miami via “tmz sports“…

Miami Dolphins defensive tackle Kendrick Norton was in a horrific accident Thursday morning, and lost an arm in the crash.

The crash occurred just after 1 AM on State Road 836 in Miami. Kendrick was driving his Ford F-250 when it struck a concrete barrier wall and flipped over, coming to rest on its roof.

According to police dispatch audio, EMT personnel requested a Heavy 1 — a tow truck that can lift a large vehicle.  It appears his arm was pinned underneath the truck.  Part of the police dispatch audio suggests the arm may have been severed at the scene … you hear the operator say, “Cannot reach the amputator [or amputated] arm.”

They canceled the Heavy 1 because fire and rescue personnel were able free the arm.

Kendrick and a female companion were rushed to a nearby hospital. We do not know the status of their condition, but we’re told it’s “non life-threatening.”

i can’t even imagine because that’s very horrific.
this will probably change the rest of his life.
the foxhole is sending him tremendous love and light.
i pray he has the right people around him.

article cc: tmz

7 thoughts on “4th of july will never be the same for kendrick norton jr

  1. This is so heartbreaking. I have no proper words for this. I pray for him and his recovery. My God 😞😞😞

  2. Bad stuff happens to “good people” every day and every hour. Life is indiscriminate. You are NOT blessed and you are NOT highly favored by the Lord! Your shit can come tumbling down in an instant. Be humbled and be grateful for each day you’re allowed to live your life.

  3. Truly, a freak accident that may lead to end of his football career. It’s really sad that this had to happen. Praying for healing that he will be able to move forward!!

  4. 😢 it truly is crazy how ALL of our lives are different and can change in an instance, at 1am I was jus going to sleep & this man was going through probably the most horrific moment of his life! Sometimes I think TOO deeply into events and scare/depress myself, like was he fully Conscious during all of it!?! what thoughts were/are going through his head?!

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