am i gonna be better before my birthday this weekend?

when you make plans; God laughs.
i’m sure he got a hearty chuckle over monday’s antics.
so as you know,
a fox may have had food poisoning.
it felt like it,
an update on how i’m feeling tho…


the good news is i’m not feeling as sick as i was.
the nausea has definitely died down,
but my stomach is still kinda sketchy tho.
during that “shitty” situation,
i popped two immodiums to keep me from having anymore diarrhea.
any day now,
i know that latch will release all the contents inside my guts.

my supervisors made me take the whole week off.
i was skeptical about it,
because i was nervous they didn’t like that,
but they saw how i was on monday.
since it’s a really short week anyway,
they wanted me to rest and get better for monday.
my paycheck next week is probably gonna make me cry tho.

right now,
i’m on a heavy BRAT diet.

B – Bananas
R – Rice
A – Apple Sauce
T – Toast

i’ve been drinking a lot of coconut water,
taking probiotics,
and sleeping.
this gif is literally the vibe in my bedroom right now:

on a week that is my birthday,
i’m stuck eating very bland food.
i was supposed to be out in these forests eating out…

I’m kinda shook

i don’t want to be out here,
eatin’/drinkin’ crazy,
and catch another episode in public.
i hope i can eat out by friday tho.
i was in the mood for thai.

lowkey: thank you to all the foxhole who sent me love.
the well wishes are always appreciated from my family.

8 thoughts on “am i gonna be better before my birthday this weekend?

  1. Take care of that stomach, and I hope you feel better very soon, especially for your birthday. Have a great one!

  2. Hey Jamari did u use to attend University of Miami & Johnson + Wales University. Do you turn 30 Saturday?

  3. be lite on that stomach like lettuce or a salad could work as well, till you gradually start eating some real food. Soup from Au bon pain is hearty and got me through school.

  4. Like I said before “It will! It’s a celebration Jamari! Let’s celebrate!”. Get that rest and shake it up this weekend!

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