am i gonna be better before my birthday this weekend?

when you make plans; God laughs.
i’m sure he got a hearty chuckle over monday’s antics.
so as you know,
a fox may have had food poisoning.
it felt like it,
an update on how i’m feeling tho…


the good news is i’m not feeling as sick as i was.
the nausea has definitely died down,
but my stomach is still kinda sketchy tho.
during that “shitty” situation,
i popped two immodiums to keep me from having anymore diarrhea.
any day now,
i know that latch will release all the contents inside my guts.

my supervisors made me take the whole week off.
i was skeptical about it,
because i was nervous they didn’t like that,
but they saw how i was on monday.
since it’s a really short week anyway,
they wanted me to rest and get better for monday.
my paycheck next week is probably gonna make me cry tho.

right now,
i’m on a heavy BRAT diet.

B – Bananas
R – Rice
A – Apple Sauce
T – Toast

i’ve been drinking a lot of coconut water,
taking probiotics,
and sleeping.
this gif is literally the vibe in my bedroom right now:

on a week that is my birthday,
i’m stuck eating very bland food.
i was supposed to be out in these forests eating out…

I’m kinda shook

i don’t want to be out here,
eatin’/drinkin’ crazy,
and catch another episode in public.
i hope i can eat out by friday tho.
i was in the mood for thai.

lowkey: thank you to all the foxhole who sent me love.
the well wishes are always appreciated from my family.

Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “am i gonna be better before my birthday this weekend?

  1. Like I said before “It will! It’s a celebration Jamari! Let’s celebrate!”. Get that rest and shake it up this weekend!

  2. be lite on that stomach like lettuce or a salad could work as well, till you gradually start eating some real food. Soup from Au bon pain is hearty and got me through school.

  3. Take care of that stomach, and I hope you feel better very soon, especially for your birthday. Have a great one!

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