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everyone always thinks being an escort is glamorous.
well how can we not?
we see all these unexplained trips and material possessions on social media.
the hot bawdies and nice clothes.
the alleged baller wolves stories that keep you wanting more.
i have said to myself countless times:

“…and why am i working a job for?”

that it all comes with a price.
the fantasy is the story being sold.
an f-bi sent me an article that about a gay escort named tyrice black.
he was interviewed by ian haddock of the normal anomaly.
tyrice actually got his start from the now defunct,
this is the story that had my hand to my mouth the entire time…


screen-shot-2014-11-04-at-18-04-18-e1415124361109so an f-bi sent me this story and i gotta say:

It’s a juicy one

so cruella de jenner is dating ^corey gamble.
i know.
corey works for justin bieber’s manager.
he is also a scorpio,
who is from atlanta,
and went to morehouse.
that morehouse…
i’m sure the following will connect some dots.
well allegedly,
corey has a hidden side.
peep this story from an anonymous escort




Hey jamari!

Ive been a reader of your blog for about a year now and im addicted. Even though i dont comment much i visit this site on an everyday basis, its like a drug and i need my fixins! I just need anyone’s advice on this problem and i feel like you can help me. I’m a 20 year old bisexual black man who never had any type of experience with other men so I decided to buy one, with no strings attached, or so I thought. He told me he was a 26 year old top that was staying with his brother and his family, so we had to meet in a van during our first encounter. He was tall dark and had a rough look to him like he’s done some prison time( which he has, 5 years). He seemed more nervous than I was, which strikes me odd since it was supposed to be something he was used to. All I did was give him head, nothing else.

I’ve never bottomed and probably won’t in the near future. Afterwards he told me to set up future appointments with him and that hopefully I’d be one of his regulars. Fast forward a week later and he texts me about a deal he would give me if we could meet up again. I agreed to it but this visit threw me COMPLETELY off. During the entire time he told me his entire life story. His past, present AND future! I damn near forgot why I was with him because he was talking so much. Again, I gave him head and was on my way.after that visit he began texting me on a regular basis, while I’m at work and at home. His prices for me even dropped to the point where i feel like hes just taking the money so he wont feel like he wants me for the sex, just for the money. On my most recent visit with him he told me I’m his youngest and best looking client. That same night he introduced me to his baby daughter and sung to me… This is when I begun thinking this meant more to him than I thought.

He’s begun asking me if he can pick me up from work, which I’m not that comfortable with. He even pulled a “test” on me, pretended to get locked up to get me to send bail money to his brother. I didnt fall for it, mainly because I’m not dumb as hell nor desperate. I was asking him questions about everything so he cut it off by saying he scraped up enough cash to get out. After that he told me that was a test and that I passed for trying to help him out. I was ready to catch him and beat his ass after that one because I felt betrayed but I’m not a kid anymore so I let it go… I dint lose anything from it. I recently found out he’s married with kids and he has a different name thank god for Facebook! I kid you not, he just texted and told me my next visits are freebies and that he wants me to bottom for him eventually. I’ve been through so much in my life at this point, from bad to worse.

What the hell should I do about this situation?



8d9b964abaabbb6bbdbb0425af478bb1so one of my favvvvvvorite f-bi sent me this screen grab.
its about two IG attentionistos i have spoken about before.
they portray themselves as “straight”,
but they have secrets.
i mean…
don’t all the ig attentionistos they all have secrets?
well here is what was said


tumblr_mgllwuIvs31r251tno1_500i’m always fantasizing what it would be like to have a lot of money.
i actually think about it everyday.
who would i be smashin’?
what would i buy?
where would i go?
when would i get up in the morning?
why would i even think of turning down?
i believe it so i see it.
well one of the male vps at my job has that kind of life.
he is an older snow wolf who is the definition of money.
he has the crib,
and the vixens.
oh does he he have the vixens…