Shannon Brown Gets His Girl

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 9.37.22 PM Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 9.37.34 PMnba baller wolf shannon brown and monica finally got their dream.
monica gave birth to a healthy baby girl today.

lowkey: imagine wanting a girl and only getting boys?
i know that little cub is about to be so spoiled.

lowkey2: i love how attentive he is to monica also.
you can tell he loves her.

i would love a wolf that loves me like that.
it gives me goosebumps as i wait patiently.

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Guys… I’m Pregnant.

shit i think these bottoms out here would calm their fast asses down if they knew what “i’m late” felt like.
“shit i’m pregnant!!!!
“my dumb ass baby father is late with the fuckin’ money this month.
“who gonna baby sit this brat?
too bad god didn’t give gay men a uterus.
imagine the maury povich episodes.



i had to laugh,
but you know i had to sit back and re-examine the situation.
i was talking with a friend last night and we were discussing all the un necessary ultra hoing in this lifestyle.
being gay gives us the pleasure of fuckin’ day in and out.
no worry of being pregnant and dealing with all that extra shit vixen’s deal with.
he cums in and then he’s out.
we can walk around with a wolf’s cum still inside us with no chance of a bundle of joy in 9 months.
with that vision came a headache and an entry…

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