YOUR 49th THOUGHT: (49)

so azealia banks and perez hilton got into a huge twitter fight.
click to read background info here.
perez vs azealia.
lots of names were called,
but this tweet from ab stood out…


What was your first thought?

Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “YOUR 49th THOUGHT: (49)”

  1. First off, I love your site. One of my goals for the new year is to stop lurking ALL the damn time lol.

    But her definition is stupid. A faggot is definitely a derogatory term used against all gay men. Even the men who “act like women” aren’t deserving of being called that in my opinion.

  2. Dont really know anything about this chick, but saw this on another blog and it said that she was actually gay herself, so I dont know if this was some type of in-fighting, but that Perez dude rubs me the wrong way. I used this term with my gay friends and in a negative way, so I guess I cant get mad when it will be hurled back at me or when others use it. I dont know about this one.

  3. My first thought; she needs to read a book and have a seat while she’s doing it.

    A faggot is an offensive term used to describe gay men, not the way they act.

  4. The word is offensive, and shouldn’t be used, but her etymology is correct. Other than a bundle of twigs, the f-word was actually used to describe a man who acts like a bitter old woman.

    That kinda describes Perez Hilton, because he’s been aping Joan Rivers’ personality for years

  5. I feel making a word subject is wrong at times! Its like every word is OK, if it suits you!

    Weirdly Angel Haze who she also got into an argument with, uses Banks technique to define the word ‘gypsy; which she calls herself!

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