You Are Really Mean

beingmeanreadingare we addicted to being mean?

now i won’t lie,
i was waiting to see claudia jordan check nene on #rhoa.
i think we all did who watch reality tv or hiding behind a computer.
we forget that this is just entertainment and bring this behavior into real life.
when i said “we”,
i mean gays.
hell maybe the straights too.
it’s like we have this nasty habit of enjoying being mean.
“reading people”.
enjoying when someone gets embarrassed.
cheering it on.
now don’t get me wrong,
some people deserve to be put in check.
sometimes you have to let a pineapple have it when they disrespect.
i won’t lie,
after i watched the show,
i wanted to go and put someone in check.
i got angry.
i felt myself getting hot.
i started to remember everyone who hurt me in the past.
well that would end.
anyone who fucked with me from now,

i was going to let them have it.
the bitch wins remember?
even if it meant letting liar liar have it at work tomorrow if she pissed me off.

watch out hoe!
i was coming for your neck!

1GZoA9P…but then i thought about something.
if i started being mean,
that means the other person won.
that means their negative energy got the best of me.
truth be told,
liar liar’s meanness to everyone she has crossed is highlighted.
i don’t know if its this site,
or just letting go of irrelevant things,
but i don’t have the time to go off on stupid people anymore.
i don’t have to pick people apart looking for their flaws.
its exhausting.
it takes up too much energy.
it can get you fired.
not realizing people are human as i am.
now i’m not a push over,
and i’m definitely not perfect,
but i ain’t an asshole.
people trust me because i’m not what they are use to.
that has been my greatest gift.
so many people i know around me have burned bridges.
being unprofessional and getting reputations because of their nasty attitudes.

so maybe mean isn’t a good look after all.
 if we all tried being a little nicer,
learning how to ignore instead of having a hissy fit,
maybe we might get where we need to be.
because guess what?
you can’t go around “reading” everyone who pisses you off.
it may leave ya ass broke and alone.
tumblr_lnd9l5YXvK1qk1p1ythink about it.

13 thoughts on “You Are Really Mean

  1. Yea don’t waste your precious energy on that slutbag, Liar Liar, because honestly she’s not worthy of any type of your energy. Just lift your head up high and just be a gentleman to show her some class.

    But Nenegro really got to me when she called Claudia a half-breed. What the fuck? Why she brought up that half-breed shit and how dare she used that fucking word. I didn’t realize we’re still in the 1950 or in Harry Potter.

  2. We have all talked about someone or said something wrong. Am I ashamed? Nah. When I get on someone, it was because they deserved it. I’m a nice person, but I don’t take much shit tho. You can’t come talking to me any type of way.

    S/N: The episode of Atlanta was tough to watch. Phaedra and Nene are scum. SMH

    1. You and I are just alike. I’m a VERY patient individual and I have a tendency to let shyt slide because I don’t like to let people take me out of the person that I am, but if you REALLY tick me off…you won’t like the person that comes out. It’s like Bruce Banner turning into the Hulk! LOL
      Some people like to push your buttons to see how far they can go, but I make it a point to let them know that I’m not the one they wanna fuck with, and they will reconsider if they try to come at me again. LOL
      It’s not being mean. It’s protecting yourself.

  3. I honestly do feel that gays are too mean! Even the situation with Jon Jon. Why did we have to dig him a part/ rip him a new one. He never was bothering us, it isn’t our business how he makes his money or is able to live that lifestyle. 2015 is all about uplifting for me. I wanna uplife my bros and sistas! WE CAN DO IT!

  4. Thank you for writing this post! I can so relate to this!mLike you I am also a naturally nice person.

  5. Yes, even tho they say nice guys finish last that’s not really true. There is something called karma and it’s alive and well. Just because someone does something mean or nasty to you doesn’t mean you have to something just as mean. Now that doesn’t mean just take anything, I’m learning myself to not let people take my kindness for weakness and this year I hope will be different.

    1. ^love this!
      stay on this path mikey!
      being tough does not mean you have to be a bitch.
      some of the toughest people in the world have never fought anyone.
      you kill people faster when you ignore them.
      being mean only creates silent enemies for your future.

  6. PREACH!

    I’ve come to that realization within the last few months while I was praying to God. I’m just gonna stay hush from now on. Old habits will not die hard with me anymore.

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