Work Wolf Has Me On Punishment was a little nervous to see him today.
i won’t even lie to you.
when i walked up to the building,
he was walking up as well.
he saw me and…

i felt a chill tho.
i brought him breakfast on the way to work.
and cheese on a croissant.
lightly toasted.
his fav.
oj on the side.

“i’m sorry i was such a rabid (he)bitch/i come in peace”

tumblr_inline_n4crgqfRFO1s3m2fohe was happy when i gave it to him.
we didn’t talk long,
but we did talk about what happened last week.
he told me how it made him feel when i saw him and ignored him.
apparently he doesn’t like to be ignored.
it was one thing for some “stupid vixen” to do it,
but i’m “different”.
i’m suppose to be his friend.
he said i had no reason to do it.
i tried to explain why i felt the way i did,
but he couldn’t wrap his mind around why.
i told him that i texted him over the weekend and he didn’t respond.

“nah i got it.
i was still mad.

i didn’t want to talk to you yet.”
tumblr_inline_n4crgsWBOA1s3m2fothat made me feel so fucked up.
i wanted to turn back time and handle that situation much better.
i apologized again,
and he accepted again,
but i still felt slight coldness from him.

on his break,
he came over to my department and brought me a cookie.
i smiled and thanked him.
slight chill response,
but we were getting somewhere.
as the day went on,
he didn’t text me like usual.
when we did text,
it was met with a lot of one word responses.
i deserve it.
i asked him if he wanted to walk to the train when we got off.

“nah i’m getting a ride.”
tumblr_inline_n4crgmwwKR1s3m2foi guess i deserved that too.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

23 thoughts on “Work Wolf Has Me On Punishment”

  1. al least you guys are back to somewhat friendly terms, I don’t think you should be so hard on yoursel. That slight coldness will warm up and it’ll be just like old times, friends are able to forgive and forget.

  2. Lol….not he brought you a cookie on lunch?!? LOL Sir, I can’t….what the?!? This ain’t normal. I’m not buying straight anymore. I don’t know what this is. Again…I can’t. I see why you’re confused. Lord knows I am.

      1. For GOD SAKES invite him over and get each other tipsy. This whole situation has one night stand written all over it.

  3. Don’t read too much into it. He told you that he was still tite about it over the weekend…but he’s getting over it. Hell, he took the breakfast sandwich from you! He could’ve been like, nah I’m good….you know?!
    Ya’ll good. Trust it!

  4. Don’t be so hard on yourself. He is probably going through so much mentally and emotionally since meeting u. Damn Jamari look what u did….LoL j/k

    No lie yall relationship got me a little confused.

    But remember what u were gonna say but chose not too…..LOL

    This situation could have been a lot worse

      1. He was agitated because you ignored him. Ignore him some more and keep the thirst to a minimum….Let the wolf separate from his pack like ways…..He will come closer to explore and see what’s he is missing….Like nature has it the wolf is bound by his curosity……Turn on your fox ways and leave the vixen behavior at the door……Confuse the wolf and don’t chase…..

  5. Definitely don’t worry about it. Some times you fight with a friend and you just need a moment. I think it auto happens when you spend lots of time with the person. It’ll be weird for some days, but you’ll be even closer once it’s back to normal. Can’t have a good and real friendship without conflict. 😉

    ~~That “Nice Guy” book had me feeling some type of way, still remember the bit about conflict. 😂

  6. Every day I get home, I read your stories on work wolf. I must say. You keep me entertained. However I always found you to be smart however stop blaming yourself for what took place, you both played a role.. Yes you responded aggressive and so what….deep down you want him and he want you too. Stop chasing and stop feeling sorry. He will come around. That’s your man. And u had him exactly where you wanted him don’t let him get the power.

  7. He is finding himself thinking about you more than he believes he should. You have him PHINING FOR YOUR ATTENTION.

  8. I’m glad up guys r back on speaking terms. He doesn’t like being ignored and to get back at u like that is petty . I’m glad u guys r just friends! Too many games for a friend!

  9. Man. This is seriously your best saga J. I can’t wait for the climax. (See what I did there?) lol.

    But seriously folks. I love your dynamic. Oh, Jamari, has he ever been over to chill? Or vice versa?

  10. I honestly don’t understand why he was mad in the first place. This dude wants commitment behavior without being honest himself. I’ve been through something bout the same, It didn’t end well. Loving these posts but I’m telling you he’s nothing but trouble J!

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