I haven’t treated you in a while.
Honestly, it has all been about my Foxes.
I mean, I do this for them.
But, since I love when my Wolves are standing at attention…

I have a treat for you.

Is it wrong to say I would eat him out?

I eat him out.
You bang him out?


8 thoughts on “WOLF MEAT (22)

  1. Just the right ratio of muscle and thickness I like. I would give ole dude the biz hell maybe flipflop with him. Am I the only one who noticed him giving face???

  2. He has a nice lil body. Something tells me I’ve seen him in a porno or two…I never forget an ass.lol

  3. Oh yea Id eat that like Ive been starving for days and someone just handed me a juicy peach.

    I need a moment… Lol

  4. Old dude is beautiful. Nice plump succulent ass and good body. Not ridiculously ripped..and slightly bordering on fat. I like.

  5. I would mind exchaning glutes with this guy… ^-^. But I fear it might cause toooooo much problem for me with wolfies and with my pants, but thats a porn star on film material type of butt

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