Who Wants Some Chocolate Next Month?

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 8.26.00 PMso everyone has been talking about the new movie,
“chocolate city”.
its about strippers a la magic mike.
i’m sure it has a plot,
but we here for the black meat.
it stars tyson beckford,
darren dewitt henson,
robert ri’chard,
michael jai white,
and auntie viv.
well the f-bi been buzzin’ about the trailer and well…

all i could do watching that was:

iFMd3ZcYL0X7Hi was also wondering how ima sneak in this theater to watch this movie.
“chocolate city” hits theaters may 22nd.

18 thoughts on “Who Wants Some Chocolate Next Month?

  1. I’m with u Nubiansol, maybe if folks supported ppl of color projects, the more we can look forward to the better quality projects being greenlighted. #ijs

    1. ^Wait…so we’re supposed to spend out hard earned money on weak/whack projects, just to wait for something of QUALITY?! No thanks dude. I’ll pass.
      And that’s for projects from ANY race! I’m not shelling out $12-15 to see crap or something i’m not interested in. Magic Mike wasn’t a good film…and I’m sure this will fall in the same category.

  2. People stop the madness and support what we do as a race. Remember there are only a few Black actors male and female who are really doing it right now. Be proud for these men regardless of what movie it is compared too. I am excited and looking forward to seeing it myself.

    1. Please.

      This is nothing but a skin flick, using sex to sell a mediocre movie. I’m more than willing to support quality movies and actors and screenwriters that actually take the craft seriously. Just finished watching the movie Pariah and it was excellent! I’m not going to throw my money and support away just because it has blacks in it though.

      The quality of 95% of black movies and television shows today are TRASH, and supporting it only leads to more movies and tv shows of the same quality.

      I will be first in line to see Avengers though. *shrugs*

      1. ^Jay…I couldn’t agree more! Just because it’s made by and stars black actors does not mean I will support a film. The same goes for white films. It has to be something I WANT to see, first and foremost. My type of movies are GOOD dramas, thrillers and sci-fi films. I do not pay money to see comedies. I wait until they come on DVD, because no matter how “funny” a movie is claimed to be…I am always disappointed. I remember people were going crazy over that 40-Year Virgin movie. I was PISSED that I wasted $12! LOL

  3. didnt they steal this idea from chris milan who had a low budget flick of the same name? im kinda tired of tyson beckford too lol…this looks like a low budget Magic Mike but i’ll take Michael Jae White for $200

  4. Looks cheap as fuck to me.

    They better hope nothing good comes out that week. A slow weekend is the only way that movie will be number one.

    If black people are going to blatantly rip off Magic Mike, they could at least make it better lol

    1. Meh, it probably won’t do nothing regardless. It looked like nothing on which to spend $8.

      Just tell me if there’s anything worth seeing then I’ll look out for a bootleg.

  5. Stocky looks wack but the fine ass chocolate will be worth it. I’ve always had a thing for Robert Ri’chard he has really grown into a sex wolf.

  6. Well Damn looks like my kind of movie, and they got BOLO in here too, let me try and find this bootlegg ASAP!

  7. Why you gotta sneak in? Just get a ticket and walk in like everybody else. You want to see some men. Don’t be ashamed. LMAO…

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