White Privilege Will Keep You In School After Murder Charges?

if only we could all have white privilege
that is the story of cameron terell.
he is in ^that circle up above.
he is a suspect in a murder,
but they allowed him to return back to school.
a whole school.
this is what a foxholer sent me via “the daily mail”

A high school student from California who has been charged with murder has been allowed to return to  classes alongside fellow students in the six weeks since the incident.

Cameron Terrell, 18, was arrested with two other teenagers in an October 1 shooting in South Los Angeles that left 21-year-old Justin Holmes dead.

Holmes, was walking with two friends when they were confronted by two armed suspects who asked where they were from. 

One of the armed suspects fired multiple shots, killing Holmes, according to Los Angeles police.  The suspects then fled in a vehicle driven by Terrell, police say.

Yet despite being charged with the most serious of crimes, Terrell has been allowed to continue his studies at Palos Verdes High School.

Two Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District officials confirmed to KTLA that Terrell was in class attended the high school, and was in class as recently as last week.

Terrell did not show up for school Monday, but several parents wanted him to stop attending classes on campus did, concerned for the welfare of the 3,000 other students.

The school has now finally changed its tune and said he will no longer be allowed on campus to attend classes and will instead attend an off-site study program. 

Investigators do not believe Terrell fired the fatal shot but he has been charged with murder for his role in the crime.

If convicted, he could be sent to prison for at least 25 years to life. 

maybe it’s a “la” thing?
out here on the east coast,
i saw hyenas and jackals thrown out of school for less.
maybe someone paid his bail?
i’m confused,
but i’m glad the school district decided to use their brains.
he could have also gotten killed,
or others in that cross fire,
if this is gang affiliated.
that decision was pretty careless.

lowkey: even with his “wiggerish” ways,
he still has that complexion for protection.

article cc: the daily mail

6 thoughts on “White Privilege Will Keep You In School After Murder Charges?

  1. You’d be surprised at the number of light Latinos that will claim white than black. In fact some of them think they are better but anyways, outside of race, this killing has got to stop. People HAVE NO regards for others. Millennials are fukin mess, not to say that this hasn’t been a problem but it ain’t changing and needs to end some where fast.

    As a note: there’s some news going around in my Louisiana region of a black boy that was shot last night in chest twice by cops…Word is, he was cuffed when they shot him in the chest.

    1. Jammy…you ain’t never lied!! A lot of Latinos that can pas for white will claim white. I know two guys that I thought were Italian, but found out that their dad was Italian and their mom was Rican…so they claimed white. Didn’t know until I heard them speaking Spanish one day. It was something they did sneakily. Like they were ashamed to be Latino.

      Millennials ARE a fucking mess. No regard for authority. nor respect for their elders OR one another. Maybe it’s a behavior picked up from home, or perhaps from the company they keep. whatever it is…it’s taking them down a road to ruin.

  2. Palos Verdes is so not LA. IDK wtf they were smoking to think that it was acceptable and that the parents would just let that ish slide. Whoever made that decision looks like a legit dumbass to think that.

  3. “The school has now finally changed its tune and said he will no longer be allowed on campus to attend classes and will instead attend an off-site study program. ”

    Is his father, the President or something? How is he able to get special treatment to attend an off-site study program? Is this on the taxpayers money? He has a pending felony charge and this issue is because of a decision that he made and someone is no longer alive. If he gets off, this is really going to be messed up and i wonder will he receive street justice.

    Will someone post this article across the street, because I know they will go above and beyond calling the school, writing letters to the school, court, governor, and difference news outlets to try and get justice.

  4. He isn’t white. He looks to be Hispanic/mixed. More than likely he is Hispanic mixed with Black bc its South LA,and they have a high Mexican population,as well as they do with Balcks.His name should be a dead give away that he aint Caucasian.
    Terrell??! C’mon Jamari lmao

    but Yeah fuck his race.If he was a suspect he shouldn’t be aloud back on campus period,until his name is cleard. Thats why kids nowadays think its okay to do dangerous ignorant ass shit,bc they feel invincible They know they wont be severely punished. smh

  5. Like how is this acceptable? Because a black male was murdered they give no fucks? I really hope the black community wakes up as a whole, because this country is not here for us at all.

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