While Chris Brown Is Down, Is This One Taking His Crown?

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 7.49.08 PMjason derulo is a smart wolf than i didn’t think that could.
while chris brown was acting a fool in these streets,
jason was out here perfecting his craft.
he was dancing for them snow bunny dollarz and yes,
even though i thought he was kinda corny,
he was making lowkey moves.
so how about yesterday i was channel surfing and for some reason,
my remote landed on “106 and park”.
i know.
why was this video number 5 tho…

150 million views so far.
tumblr_mroi1rKgKf1r810xzo1_400well excuse the fuck out of me.
the whites love him,
he can dance,
he is dating jordin sparks,
and now he is crossing over to the blacks while staying in his own lane.

tumblr_mr7wpsv7J01rdk4o5o2_500_zps04b093d0…unlike these other “chris brown” wannabes.
bravo jason.

jason’s new album “talk dirty” comes out in april.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “While Chris Brown Is Down, Is This One Taking His Crown?”

  1. umm can Jason come sit on my face please…i love this Haitian cutie…i’ve always been a fan but it’s like he has aged even better like wine…

  2. He’s not bad looking and he is definitely talented, but he doesn’t really stick out in any way. He’s just a dispensable pop tart whose benefiting off the fact the CB can’t stay out of trouble.

    You notice when Chris was in better terms with the general public and media temporarily, Jason’s success stalled.

    Talk Dirty is a grower though. No one will remember it ten years from now though…

  3. He’s very nice looking, but I’m not really feeling that song. Whenever, if ever, Chris Brown comes back, Jason will be gone, again.

    1. ^Agree…to an extent. Jason still comes across as corny and a wannabe to me. He comes out with a catchy song, then disappears. It’s like he doesn’t have what it takes to maintain one hit after the other. Hopefully he will get the success he wants STATESIDE (’cause I hear he’s pretty big overseas) but I don’t see it happening. As for Chris, he’s blown numerous chances…I think he’s done.

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