We Can’t Even Vacation In Peace Without Racist Jackals (Sheesh)

so they’re attacking us while we’re on vacation.
they’re slowly starting to lose their minds.
so i saw this tweet and i knew i had to font about it:

and this is the video

excuse me?

i feel like i was watching wild animals attacking folks at a safari.
i know we trying to be civil and “woosah” out here,
but the moment she put her paws on me,
i would have punched her lights out.
drunk filth.
wtf is happening with these racist jackals nowadays?
these duracells in their backs gonna get them fucked up.

lowkey: it’s like some white folks are getting worst…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “We Can’t Even Vacation In Peace Without Racist Jackals (Sheesh)

  1. A smart person would have found out who they are (from the hotel staff or otherwise) and filed charges with the police and had them arrested. An unwise person would have engaged in attacking them verbally or physically. And unwise person would likely have found himself spending time in jail.

  2. I actually heard that they did press charges, however, when the police got there, they attended to the white people first and attested theyd both be charged (including the blacks) because one of the snow vixens were “scratched”

    Folks keep having “faith” that this world is getting better but it’s actually getting sh*ttier. All you can do is keep your head high and continue on living until your time is up.

    (NOW if someone puts their hands on you, especially a Ghost (KKK affiliate) then by all means, drag them and their Dollar General bedsheets for dear life.

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