The Murder-Suicide on Pebble Creek Drive: The Jermaine Roby Story

tmp_14048-screenshot_2016-12-02-00-58-17-742892185so i know what you’re thinking:


well don’t get too excited.
he is dead.
he is also an alleged jackal according to the news.
his name is jermaine roby and he was allegedly involved in a murder-suicide.
this one is a little heavy.
a f-bi sent me the story via gwinnett daily post


The man who possibly pulled the trigger in a murder-suicide at his Norcross home Friday may be connected to an Atlanta homicide hours before, according to Atlanta police.

Josephine Roby-Skinner, 55, her daughter Jasmyn Skinner, 10, and son Jermaine Roby, 26, were found fatally shot in different rooms in the house, authorities said Monday.

Vernon Skinner returned to his home and saw the bodies of his wife, son and daughter at about 4 p.m., police spokesman Cpl. Deon Washington said.

Skinner reportedly left for work at about 3:45 but turned around when Roby called him and said Jasmyn was sick.

Skinner was not injured but noticed shell casings were all over the home, according to reports.

Investigators are trying to figure out the events that led up to the incident at the home on the 700 block of Pebble Creek Drive. They believe the son may have been the shooter who later turned the gun on himself.

Officials were on the scene not far from Jimmy Carter Boulevard well into the night.

Police aren’t aware of any domestic issues at the home, Washington said.

“This by all accounts is our first time coming for something of this magnitude,” he said.

The Atlanta Police Department said Roby may be connected in the shooting death of Quincy King, 40, shortly before the triple homicide was reported. King’s body was found at Highland Ridge apartments on Northside Circle near Northside Drive, according to Atlanta police.

 The agency is trying to determine a motive and if Roby and King knew each other, Sajdak said.

The Atlanta police department is working with Gwinnett police to compare bullets from the incidents.

Local police are still focused on finding answers surrounding the Norcross murder, Washington said.

“More importantly, we are investigating why a tragedy like this would happen one week before Thanksgiving,” he said.

“By answering those difficult questions, our hope is that the impacted families will be able to grieve and begin healing.”

Gwinnett PD’s Critical Incident Stress Management team called to the scene to speak with the victims’ loved ones and the responding officers. The agency contacted local clergy members to meet with family and friends.

so he came home,
allegedly murdered his family,
and allegedly murdered this other person?
was he about to be outed?
that was my first thought.
he was fresh on the gay/party scene and was pretty popular:

he is still getting condolences from those who knew/partied him:

Roby was known for his big smile and friendly demeanor in gay Atlanta nightlife circles. Friends paid tribute to him in Facebook postings all weekend. 

Isaac Escalante, a popular DJ from Mexico, headlined Xion in Atlanta on Saturday and commemorated Roby ahead of his appearance. Via Facebook:

“I hope to see everyone out in Atlanta tonight as we celebrate Keith Allen Young’s birthday and remember our amazing friend JJ Roby. Times like these can be very tough, but it’s important for us to come together, stay positive, and remember the joy that he brought to all of us. Tonight I’ve got all the tracks that JJ loved ready to play. We dance for you tonight baby.”

Matt Colunga-Smith, a former general manager of Swinging Richards who now lives in Denver, also paid tribute to his friend. Via Facebook:

“To my amazing friend. You will truly be missed. JJ Roby you were the best, lots of great memories together, that I will cherish the rest of my life!!”

Atlanta DJ Seth Aaron Breezy also commemorated Roby. Via Facebook:

“The passing of a friend who is so close to you is numbing beyond what words and tears can express. I love you forever JJ Roby.”

DJ Paulo offered this tribute on Saturday:


“Sleep in heavenly peace.”

it seems he was a hit with the snow foxes and wolves.
his facebook tells that story.
either way,
i hope this senseless act doesn’t go unsolved.
i’m sure if he did this,
he left a trail as to the motive.
lets crack open those texts and emails!
20-facts-about-puppies-sniffing-gifmay all the victims rest in peace.

lowkey: facebook does “remembering” to those who pass away?


are we sure the father was where he said he was?
i find this all very strange.

articles and pictures taken: gwinnett daily post| project q | facebook

23 thoughts on “The Murder-Suicide on Pebble Creek Drive: The Jermaine Roby Story

  1. I knew Jasmyn before the tragedy. I found out when the school sent a call to all parents over Thanksgiving break, notifying everyone that she was no longer with us. Truly, she was an incredibly kind soul. Though we knew her mainly through Girl Scouts, she was a kind, bright soul that I won’t soon forget. I hope she and her family are in a better place now. Her killer must be confirmed/brought to justice. To all readers, ignore the GIFS, memes, and commentary and take this case as it is: a devastating, serious tragedy.

  2. He killed the father of my child. Speculate all you like. I had to watch my son bury his father. Whatever site this is, no glory should go to this man. He was a murderer and a coward.

  3. Damn, I remember seeing this guy a lot on gay dating apps, so yeah he was proudly gay. Very surprised of his demise and may he rest and peace with closure to. Sadd!!

    1. This a$$hole snapped….Killed my friend in cold blood over nothing after staying up to late and partying too hard then went home and took out his family and then himself. End of story….an utter senseless tragedy leaving countless members of family and friends to pick up the pieces. Those that were innocent victims of his demise didn’t deserve this. All will come out in due time.

      1. I haven’t seen any updates on his case does anyone know what the police determined?

  4. mental issue got the best of Jermaine. he had been fighting with for the longest
    Yeah is the killer

  5. i edited the entry how i see fit.
    this crime is still “alleged” and he has been labelled as alleged “killer” until proven innocent.
    once details emerge,
    i will write a follow up.

    as far as his friends or family seeing this entry,
    they should know he will be judged positively or negatively due to the nature of this crime.
    it wasn’t like he was labelled the victim in news write ups:

    i’m also really confused why he is getting sympathy if he allegedly killed his family in cold blood?
    someone help me see what i’m missing?
    did i miss an article somewhere?

    1. I don’t either…the reason why all these other alternate theories never crossed my mind was because, like Jay mentioned earlier, the auth would need some type of evidence to release their speculation on the nature of the’d be irresponsible for them and the press to do so considering the magnitude of this whole thing…therefore there’s nothing in poor taste in merely posting/citing information from legit news sources….right?

      Also, people should revisit the privacy settings on all of their social media accts and make sure they’re set to private cause one of the first and most predictable places the media/bloggers can easily acquire images for their writeups is FB and the like…if they’re public, consider em fair game.

    2. Didn’t miss an article you missed actually knowing the person. Roby was a Great sweet kind hearted young man. He loved his sister, and while he was in the Navy he often saved his money and sent it home for his sister. He loved his mother! He talked and brag about her as if she was his daughter. He really did have a magic smile that lit up, and he was almost always smiling.

  6. Obviously they must’ve found gunshot residue on his hands or the gun by him to deduce he was the shooter because it was the same kind of gun that killed the dude…

  7. Something not right. I have heard mothers killing their kids, fathers killing their kids but a brother killing his little sister is seldom heard of. The older brother is always the protector sometimes even more than the father.
    Hoping this will all be cleared up soon. It’s a sad story all around.

    1. You’re right it is weird. My cousin loved his sister. More than anything in the world. None of this makes since but none of us hate him if this is true. We have made peace with what’s happened even though it’s a very tough situation. We may never know why but we have faith and no matter what we still love him… Now about this “Article,” it is highly disrespectful and shows that you have no self-respect or restraint when it comes to the deceased or their families. Jermaine was and is a good man. He loved everyone and his smile literally lit up a room. And accusing his stepfather who loved him as if he was his own of possibly murdering him, his daughter, and his wife is beyond disgusting. But I guess when you have so much time on yours hands and you get bored and decide to hide behind your desk and come up with the best idea that pops up in that simple, basic mind of yours, this is what you do… But I digress. Have a great day! God bless

  8. Ok Jamari i have to call you out here. You can’t just call him a jackal or a killer because the police said he MAY have been the shooter cause if it turns out no being true and that he was just a victim it will be very ugly and very hurtful to those who knew him. Maybe he did kill them all cause he went crazy or whatever, maybe he just murdered him family and didn’t know the other guy, maybe he didn’t do anything and is just another victim. But until we know for sure let’s be respectfull. It’s one think to say he’s maybe the killer, but let’s just not stoning his dead body yet. I know how i would feel if i read on a blog that a friend of mine was a crazy psycho when nothing has been proven yet. May all of them rest in peace, prayers for the families.

    1. Brother Jamari:

      I have to agree with Phillppe, and I hate coming at you like this doing so because I am typically supportive of you. However, this entire post is in very bad taste, because not only did you objectified a recently deceased person who died under tragic circumstances. You also marginalized and devalued him further by applying a slur ” vixen,” to him and then proceeded to sensationalize the circumstances surrounding his tragic death. Additionally, there were several other victims involved as well.

      Keep in mind as Philippe suggested that what you said in your post is speculation and possibly hurtful to the victim’s family and friends. This is still an open investigation and not all the facts have been disclosed. I expected better from you, and I am challenging you to take down this post in respect to the all the victims and their families.

  9. I don’t understand about the father leaving home @3:45 and returning home at 4pm because the daughter was ill.So she wasn’t ill at 3:45 when he left ,but she fell ill ,minutes later? Also what illness was she experiencing that would require three adults to be home with her.Her mother and adult brother were at home. I can’t ever remember a time when both my parents stayed home to be with me when I was ill.

    IDK that seems odd to me maybe I need to stop watching Investigation Discovery(ID) channel,TV One’s Fatal Attraction,etc.

      1. ^That was my other theory as well…that the father may have killed them all. I hope not, but it’s happened before where people snapped!

  10. Just sad I’m not ashamed to say I’m on the dl and if somebody tried to out me well I’m grown I’m not gonna go home and kill my family over it. I’m Really thinking he was about to be outed so he snapped and at the end of day its nothing worth killing anybody over its nothing to be embarrassed about just man up I’m sad about this one

    1. ^Nah..I don’t think he was about to be outed. He was out already. He was well known in the gay club scene. I think he may have seen something he shouldn’t have (the killing of that other man) and was followed home and killed. His mom and sister were victims of opportunity.

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