The Fat Bunz Vs The Slim 2 Nunz Sex Discussion

tumblr_mzv96jsWYL1qipf3oo1_500so this question is mainly for the wolves and hybrids,
but everyone is free to leave their opinions as well.
okay so here it is

i was on one of my fav straight wolf’s instagram and he had a question for the vixens.
why he would ask this question to mainly vixens beats me,
but this is what he said:

“i was having a discussion with a couple of my jiggas the other day.
we all said that when you meet a chick with a fat ass,
you spend your entire waking moment thinking of fuckin her from the back.
you don’t even want to do anything else than mainly back shots.a chick who is slim tho,
you are more likely to do missionary since they don’t depend on their cake.
yeah you would pound her from the back,
but you end up fucking her in different positions and trying new shit.
from you experience ladies,
do you think this is true?”

tumblr_mqbdvz2nQk1qb9pa3o2_250of course the vixens let him have it,
but i thought the question was interesting.
so my question is this:

when you get with someone with a fat bunz,
is it just straight doggy style til you nut?
lets say you meet someone with “slim 2 nunz”,
would you more than likely try different positions?
are the straight experiences the same in the gay world as well?
we see so many people putting their worth on their bunz.
foxes think that the bigger the size will keep him after that first initial smash.
so what we do?
we either do a million squats a night,
go get ass shots,
photo shop some plumpness,
or other crazy shit just to continuously get bent over to take a quick beatin’.
i had to wonder…

Are wolves only thinking of pounding our fat bunz
from the back?

…and thats it?

9 thoughts on “The Fat Bunz Vs The Slim 2 Nunz Sex Discussion

  1. Lol people sure do put a lot of worth on ass I love to hear ” why he with her/him they don’t have no ass” or ” they don’t have ass anyways!”

  2. I think I’d wanna spend a good amount of time solely on your ass but like LINDO said.That would get boring.If your ass is fat though, 75% of my attention will be paid to it.

  3. I always prefer med to small tight arses. Those huge butts are a turn off for me personally. Although saying that, I still don’t turn it down. Its just a visual thing, it’s the hole that counts!

  4. As a fox it leaves u confused at times because when ur good looking and YOU KNOW IT. But ur ass is big and plump, they can make u feel that sometimes they are more interested in ur rear end. It’s a touchy thing

  5. Lol I mean look at most of the homemade porn on xtube. A lot of those videos with a fat booty bottom are of that bottom with his face down and ass up or in a position that mostly focuses on his phatty. If you gotta phat ass, of course he’s gonna wanna watch that thang jiggle and bounce a majority of the time during sex.

  6. Who cares? The main goal is just getting the pipe in it. Ass is ass, it doesn’t really matter to me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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