So Ya’ll Unfollow Kim Kardashian?

folks be weird.
so ^that is the cake they thought kim kardashian naturally has.
which by the way is completely unattractive.
so once they found out she was having her paparazzi photos edited,
the only logical thing to do was un-follow her.
well kim kardashian lost a ton of followers since she was exposed.
the daily mail has the full expose…
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Tinashe Puts Her Dancing Feet In Her Mouth

Tinashewho is doing this vixen’s pr?
she is always doing/saying some dumb shit.
so as you know,
or don’t,
tinashe unfollowed chris brown.
she allegedly didn’t like the kehlani “suicide” comments.
well that could be the only reason.
well in this recent interview,
when asked about it during an interview with 106 kmel,
this is what she said…
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