is all the good porn about to off of twitter next?

twitter is one social media where i can get news quickly and good porn as well.
twitter usually has the trending news first and has great amateur porn as well.
sex workers use twitter to advertise their best clips for their onlyfans.
don’t be fooled by those clips tho.

They’ll advertise a bomb-ass clip,
make you pay to access their Onlyfans,
and make you pay again to see the full video….
that’s like the same length of the same free clip that’s posted on Twitter.


i think twitter might be trying to get a mop and a bucket.
my left ear went up when they suspended ( x rhyheim shabazz twitter profile ).
my right ear went up when jack dorsey stepped down as ceo.

and both eyebrows went up with this latest announcement from twitter safety…

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