OMG! OMG! Jay-Z Replied To Me On Twitter!

tumblr_m0xs0e60B91qkbzlho1_500jigga has made some people’s dreams come true today.
no he didn’t pay for their school loans or buy them sneakers.
he randomly started tweeting people.
ya know causes it’s jay-z and that is a big fuckin’ deal.
(lowkey: magna carta holy grail in stores tomorrow could be a reason)
well he made one young beyonce stan lose her shit…

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Beyonce Puts Fan In New Pepsi Commerical!

tumblr_mkxx7zqCFR1qzezcmo1_500so i know all you guys saw the video for “mirrors”:

her new pepsi commercial.
i liked the concept of putting her different looks throughout the years.
well she wanted more!
apparently she re-shot the video with a huge fan…

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Keyshia Cole Isn’t Bowing Down To No Beyonce

well beyonce’s new track “bow down” isn’t getting off to a good start.
the majority doesn’t like it and it left it open for criticism.
one coming form:


uh oh…

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so check it.
keyshia cole wants attention.

she has become a straight up bully.
she was sitting on her couch tonight and realized she needed to address michelle….
is this going to be a weekly thing keyshia?????

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Keyshia Cole Learned Tonight!

keyshia cole started out good during the beyonce performance:

…and then when destiny’s child came out

she said this…

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I Need Kris Jenner To Do My PR for The Foxhole

She can turn shit to sugar, can’t she?
She can put a zombie on bath salts on tv and make us buy whatever it is selling.
Whatever lol.

The Kim stans are rejoicing today!

Their queen has made nice with another queen
…and her loyal subjects are about to riot.

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