MEAT: Platinum Baller Meat Edition (250)

i know the sight of this lean meat woke you up this morning.
got your gears running..
amongst other things….

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Ryan Mundy Makes The Deja Vu So Much Sweeter

Baby, I can’t go anywhere without thinking that you’re there
Seems like you’re everywhere, it’s true, gotta be having deja vu..

he is what i would call:


capitial every-fuckin-thang.
he looks like a wolf from my past too.
which is why i’m experiencing a beyonce like “deja vu“.

background on ryan:

plays safety for the steelers.
did i mention: fione?
played pre baller wolf at west virgina and michigan.

well enjoy it while it lasts because he has been taken off the market.
check his engagement photos…

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