I’m Addicted To Soft Porn and Love Scenes

tumblr_nd9g0lU7vu1rstn0po1_500i wanted to see “addicted” this weekend.
like really wanted too.
it was battling greasy chicken and bad ass kids on saturday.
plus it was pouring and blah.
today i was planning on going to see it.
well i heard from multiple sources,
or my people and the f-bi,
that this movie was absolutely…
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Put an “X” Through Chris Brown

chris-brown-x-deluxe-edition-coverso this was the year,
our 3 reigning “ratch n blues” singers came out with albums.
well next week,
chris brown is going to come out with his new album simply titled,
one of my readers sent me the advanced copy to check out.
i really,
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This Is My Everything Right Now

ariannagrandearianna grande and her pony tail are back for another installment.
her sophomore album,
“my everything”,
dropped last monday.
one of my readers wanted me to check it out and well…
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Punks Stand Up To Get Slapped Down #LHHNY

tumblr_mw64ch1CUg1qln00mo2_400tumblr_mw64ch1CUg1qln00mo1_400 tumblr_mw64ch1CUg1qln00mo3_400can i just say i love tara?
seriously in the running to being my spirit animal.
she should teach classes on how to curse someone out in proper english.
well i just finished watching #lhhny and what an episode!

x click here to watch

i do have a few thoughts before you watch…

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He Is Trying To Slip Deep Inside Me… But I Will Not Let Him.

So something weird happened to me…

I usually go through little things, but this is just strange.
So you know that Hybrid I wrote about in this entry?
Well, I think something has come over me…
…and I do not need the word “come” and “me” in the same sentence as “him“…

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