It Was In My Mouth For A Long Time

foxholesexyso i tested out the therabreath system and i promised a review.
lets get into it…

so i woke up early this morning pretty excited to test this out.
instead of starting the night before,
i figured do it in the morning before work.
so i bought the toothpaste and the green version of the mouthwash.
pasteandrinsethe instructions said that i needed to brush my teeth for 2 minutes.
i set my timer on my iphone and started to brush.
what i noticed about the toothpaste immediately is it has no taste.
no super minty kind of situation happening.
97957-Olivia-Thirlby-UH-OH-gif-No-St-WJAnthat made me a little worried.
it also didn’t foam up in my mouth like other toothpastes i’m use too.
the mouthwash came next.
the instructions said rinse for 1 minute,
then afterwards,
pour another and gargle for 30 seconds.
when i was done…

uarBMJnmy mouth felt so minty fresh.
like super charged minty freshness in my mouth.
it was a different feeling of brushing my teeth.
the toothpaste and the mouthwash definitely work together as a team.
i don’t think i would have enjoyed the toothpaste alone,
but i do feel the mouthwash is most powerful out the two.
my mouth did not feel dry at all for the rest of the day.
i do get dry mouth throughout the day,
but i def did not experience that at all today.
this product DEFINITELY gets a tails up from me.
even now typing this my mouth still feels fresh like.
not minty as in the morning,
but my breath doesn’t have me feeling paranoid.
i highly recommend this to the foxhole.
this is so important before job interviews,
those who smoke,
dates where you know you gonna be kissing,
and for my celebs reading…
it kills that hot mouth that violates your fans.
nothing worse than meeting your fav with a breath issue.
now the real question is…

How do you recommend Therabreath to people with that dookie mouth?

beyonce-hmm-gif…want to try therabreath?
well head to:

walmart | target

its 6.99 at target right now.
that’s where i got mine!
big shoutout to all the foxhole who inspired me to review this product!

7 thoughts on “It Was In My Mouth For A Long Time

  1. :mrgreen: I’m so glad you tried it and LIKED it! TB is a lifesaver! #realtalk Glad I could be of service!

  2. Bitch, I caught that Beyonce shade. (¬‿¬)

    I guess those expensive products are worth the money.

    1. ^uh…

      i wasn’t dissing b at all actually…
      i was actually talking about a few male r ‘n’ b singers some of my people met…

      and ” bitch”?
      zen is happening with you lately?

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