he was trying to kill that cat!

there was a hyena who lived in front of my building.
i heard all this commotion outside.
when i looked out,
this asshole murdered a cat by repeated slamming a door into it.
i cried for hours that night.
i can still hear that door and that poor car screaming in agony.
last i heard,
he was in jail for murdering someone.

this jackal at one of my last jobs.
he would talk about how,
as a kid,
he would randomly kill animals with no remorse.
he’d snap their necks and legit laugh about it.
he turned out to be a heartless son of a bitch.
never cared about who he hurt or the lives he destroyed.
last i heard,
he was rising up the ladder in his career.

miss sunday” from “game of thrones“,
nathalie emmanuel,
shared this video on her twitter.
i’m gonna share it with the foxhole

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