This Is How We Do It: The Music of Today Kinda… Sucks?

pony” by ginuwine
“this is how we do it” by montell jordan
“thong song” by sisqo
i was listening to a poppin’ 90s mix on the way home tonight.
i was bobbin’ my head and really getting into it.
it made me want to dance.
i would love to know what it was like to party back then.
when we went to parties to dance and not be on our phones.
as i was listening,
i came to the sudden conclusion…
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Always Remember: We Have “A Seat At The Table” (Solange)

solange-a-seat-at-the-table-book-1475087745-compressedit looks like the knowles vixens are woke.
so i love solange.
i have always admired her fearless attitude,
but i have always been a huge fan of her music.
star fox and i kilt “sol-angel and the hadley st. dreams”.
every time she releases an album,
i relate to whatever she is going through.
i have all of her albums,
including that first one,
“solo star” where she was something she wasn’t.
like most siblings who live in the shadow of “the golden cub”,
they tend to be more “aware” with their rebellion.
solange is that to me.
so she released her album yesterday,
“a seat at the table”,
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Anti Lemonade

antilemonadeone thing i love about beyonce and rihanna,
during these eras of theirs,
is that they went completely outside the box.
that is art.
that is creativity.
that is taking a stand against what everyone thinks you should be doing.
they both released albums that don’t have huge radio hits.
they are all over the place on first listen.
their albums are very personal for them…

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The Pre Baller Wolf Comes Out With Music

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 10.53.44 PMso remember that pre baller wolf who came out?
his name is brandon davis.
he was the fione one,
with the nice bawdy,
big lips,

and alleged snow playing?


that one.
well he is doing music on the side.
he isn’t one of “them” who drops out of college to become a rapper.
oh gawd no.
he has an album coming out and dropped two videos
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There Can Only Be One Girl In This Music World?

tumblr_mp4guxUdYo1ql4tzdo1_1280well tinashe has been trying to get us to like her.
i mean…
she said something recently about racism and the music industry.
she says there can only be a few black females at a time.
hell maybe only one.
this is what she told necole “no” bitchie in a recent interview…
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“All Up Deep In Your Feelz”: The Soundtrack

tumblr_mrxmx9f1k31suptfso1_500i like sad music.
i like music that will put me in my feelz.
i know thats wasn’t the most “politically correct” thing to say,
but you already know i’ve said much worse.
now don’t get me wrong…
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