The Last Photos of Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali, heavyweight champion, buttons his lip as he appears before Illinois Athletic Commission in Chicago, Feb. 25, 1966. Previously, he?d said imminent army induction was unfair - touching off series of events leading to the commission reconsidering its sanction of Clay?s scheduled title defense later this month. (AP Photo)muhammad ali was a very handsome wolf in his prime.
add his intellect,
black power stance,
and “no fucks to give” attitude,
and it was the recipe for a “daddy” wolf.
well i just saw his last photo shoot via the daily mail.
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RIP Muhammad Ali

-1^that is one of my favorite pictures of the boxing baller wolf king.
i’m comforted to know he passed with family,
and not tragically and alone like “the trinity”.
he will forever be “the blueprint” for those coming up next.
rest in peace muhammad ali.

lowkey: 2016 is playing no games with our legends.