mental homework (10)

i love immanuel.
i have been a fan of his site for a long time.
he left a comment dissecting the situation between elmo, the jackal, and the music exec wolf.
it was pretty spot on…

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mental homework (9)

…but after this comment,
i may start again.

i love a feel good story.
after the year i’ve had,
to read something like this makes me uncheck “GIVE UP” and recheck “KEEP GOING“.
ty came by and left this comment i felt everyone needed to read.
foxes especially.
he left it in “It’ll Cost 10,000 To Get A “Fat Ol Donkey Ass” By Christmas!
there is a message in it for you somewhere.
you’ll find yours…

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mental homework (8)

since today is sunday,
i wanted you guys to do an exercise with me.
one that you won’t even have to get up out of bed or off the couch.
well, you will need to get your computer or pen and paper

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mental homework (7)

i wrote a good entry today.
it was titled:

I Have Voodoo In-Between My Butt Cheeks So Enter With Caution

the man and immanuel shared their wolf like thoughts.
i always love to read the opinions of wolves.
btw: we need more wolves to share their thoughts.
so all your lurkers feeling around for your balls and make some magic happen with those finger tips.
we are all family here.

their thoughts landed them with mental homework of the day.
check em out…

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mental homework (6)

I wrote an entry yesterday about Wolves and their sometime-y aggression.
One of my aces,
came through and knocked a comment out the park for me.
I love when I read a comment and it makes me tingle inside.
(mind out the gutter pervert)

I like the long hard tingles of inspiration

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mental homework (5)


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