mental homework (3)

Again… ICeeDedPpl does it again with a powerful comment for the weekend.
One I am sure will help Wolves and Foxes all over the world… deal.

Peep your mental homework for life…

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mental homework (2)

I have been lurking through the discussions in the comments,
and I have been not only inspired, but slapped in the face.
Not in a bad way of course.

Keep it up.
You are helping everyone sharing your experiences, thoughts, disagreements…
This is what the Fox world is about.

This comment came from Joseph and I felt it was something we ALL need to read.

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mental homework (1)

I love when I write something,
and I get a comment that shifts my existence.
I swear, I have the smartest viewers in the whole blogging universe.
All important components to being a Fox or a Wolf.
But, I usually need the good word myself.
I go through things like everyone else and usually,
I have no one to talk to about these issues.

I got a comment from ICeeDedPpl that had me sitting in Hale and Hearty,
going well over my lunch break in just deep thought.

I consider these comments, “mental homework”.
Ever so often, I will throw up comments that touch me…
…and I know will touch you.

Read it below.

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