“hello fag…” was the first line in his email to me.

so the other morning,
i woke up pretty happy.
i made the foxhole confessions twitter,
which led to got a few hot confessions.
i love keeping the foxhole engaged so this seemed like a great idea.
that morning,
i went to the email to check to see how much confessions i got.
there was a few that i posted,
but then i saw one titled:

My Faggot confession

and it read like this

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i hate jackin off to u

we have so many folks who pass through our lives.
there will be some for a second,
others can stick around for a few minutes,
and the rest will stay for hours.
we maybe attracted to a few of those who cum in and out.
i tried not to be nasty with that part.
this leads me to a question for the foxhole…

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people are not gonna like you because you’re gay

ya know,
i could sit here and font about a male.
pick any male.
once i font about him,
he’s instantly in google.
i could font about all his career aspirations,
how fine af he is,
and guess what?
some of them still won’t respect me because i’m gay.
being gay to some is lower than being a criminal.
it use to bug me,
but now i realize:

I got something out of it just as much as they did

i changed my perspective so it doesn’t bother me as much.
i’ve become a lot more selfish with what i gaf about.
one of my foxholers hit me up in dms about an encounter on POF…

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When You Reached Your Wits End At Work (Peace Out To Them)

i said i wanted this to be my last job.
i wanted this to the last corporate “anything” i worked at.
God clearly had other plans for me.
so i’ve been at my wits end with my job.
it has gotten so bad foxhole.
my spirit has usually been at home,
while i bawdy has been at work.
i’m clearly on airplane mode there.

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I Was Told There’d Be Punches and Spit on The C Train

you know what’s funny?
i asked someone the other day:

“can you bring a gun on the train?”

not that i was,
but i wanted to know how safe were we on the mta.
that’s new yawk’s train system.
well they responded a shocking “yes”.
so those metal things i go through aren’t detecting weapons?
duly noted.
well a f-bi sent me this article today of more homophobic drama in new yawk.
this time,
it’s on the c train in brooklawn via the ny daily news
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DeRay Is Not His “Hair” (Replace Hair)

IMG_6627everyone meet deray mckesson.
he is a black activist wolf.
his resume lists him as:

american civil rights activist
member of the “black lives matter” movement

he is an active crusader for black rights and justice.
the issue is…
well you may have already guessed it.
so a vix-bi sent me this foxmail today and i couldn’t help but wonder…
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