The Epidemic That Is “Gay Loneliness”

we have come farther than we have years ago.
that is.
we can get married now.
the dreams of the white picket fence and the dog are realities.
adopting cubs is even in the forecast as well.
we have central roles in tv and movies that are winning awards.
what a time to be alive!
well the thing is,
as we get farther with laws,
we are also still stuck in the same place we were years ago.
we come out the closet only to feel the same isolation we did when we were in it.
don’t get me wrong,
you are the bees knees when you make your “announcement”.
everyone is on your jock for that minute.
you might even get some tail/pipe off your name.
once that fades,
and the novelty wears off,
it’s back to being in the closet again.
lonely af,
but the closet door is open now.
that has been the cause of more suicides within the community.
“gay loneliness” is what it’s being called.
the pretty vixen sent me an interesting article that made me say…
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