That Wolf Is Really The Sexy Girlfriend

it’s all in his body.
his amazing muscular/toned body.
he is a modern day greek god.
he spends hours a day working out and sculpting that absolute perfection.
in his pictures online, he is always giving you a pure bred “WOLF“.
you would not think otherwise.
he has the poses down and the look on “i’m fucking you so hard tonight“.
the way he rocks a fitted and sags his jeans makes you think he should be doing a duet with drake or meek mill.
he has a thousand foxes, jackals, and hyenas lusting after him in his online pictures.
the thirst is definitely real.

but in some twist of fate, you see him in person.
you instantly get brick.
he walks up to you,
or you observe him from afar,
and then this flies out his mouth:

Don’t you hate thatttttttttttt?

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