charlie does “acting”

foxhole fav,
decided to step out of the modeling shadows and get in some acting.

he starred alongside social media personality,
lala milan,
in “a ratchet christmas story“.

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“bienaime’s child” makes their tv debut!

so as you know from my last entry,
bienaime’s child” was gonna make their tv debut.
marshun cooper,
and joshua benoit appeared on “right this minute” on abc.
this was the outcome

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marvin bienaime’s camera made them viral; abc might make them stars

don’t sleep duval.
there are a few straight vixens that love that shit.
i guess it pays to go viral.
marvin bienaime is the photographer with the master plan.
you know how i fonted that i wanted more from the last entry?
( x see it here )
look at God…
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the addiction that is a marvin bienaime shoot

i like your work God…
so marvin bienaime is an evil genius.
this is in a good way,
i was fonting with one of my foxholers in dms recently.
we both agreed that marvin knows how to make these wolves shine.
as soon as they get in front of his camera,
he knows how to make us cum
he posted a recent bts shot with some foxhole favs:

marshun cooper
joshua benoit

take a peek…

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here cums charlie for another round

i missed charlie.
ya know,
i like that i did.
one thing about marvin bienaime when it comes to charlie:


i get that out of all the wolves marvin has posted,
besides marshun cooper,
charlie is legit the finest one.
i guess i can understand why marvin goes hard.
he gets him views on his ig.
well marvin posted two untouched shots of charlie today…

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charlie has a new job! (he does a good job of stopping traffic already)

as you know,
or didn’t,
charlie won “foxhole wolf of the year” for 2018.
he came out of nowhere.
i ended up cummin too.
well marvin has been promoting tf outta charlie on his ig.
it’s no secret that he’s his best client.
well charlie had a new eye candy teaser video.
i’ll never look at crossing guards the same…
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