It Wasnt A Bangerz Like It Shoulda Been

mileycyrusbangerzalbumcoveri’ve had this miley cyrus album sitting on my computer since i first got it.
i finally decided to give it a listen today while working on some stuff.
the ( x  first song ) started out good,
then it went right,
then left,
a couple more lefts,
and ended flat.
i did find myself nodding my head to ( x on my own ),
( x my darlin ),
and ( x rooting for my baby ).
all in all,
there weren’t a lot of “bangerz” to really speak of.
it sounded more like hip hop banged a rodeo.
just a ton of opportunist rappers,
britney spears random ass,
and a flood of country like mid tempos.
i give it a heavy “eh”.