Me and Adrian Peterson Need To Have A Pow Wow

AP_adrian_peterson4_ml_141008_16x9_992^that was adrian peterson and his wife in court today.
good choice on outfits and color palettes.
so adrian plead not guilty as he would.
the trial for his child abuse allegations start in december.
he is lookin’ to up to 2 years if convicted.
before he went to court,
he decided to defend himself to us on twitter with a series of tweets.
this time its for the alleged “charity orgy” allegations…
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Adrian Peterson Likes To Have Sex (For A Good Cause!)

tumblr_inline_nby8kyo14y1ss6hjj…lets hope the “good cause” is equal nuts.
so as you know,
adrian peterson is a christian.

well how could you not tell?
his social media accounts was one big bible study.
well i guess that was on social media,
because when adrian was off,
he likes to get off.
it seems adrian likes sex.
lots of christian type of sex with random holes.
so much so,
he allegedly used his charity credit card to fund an all night sex party…
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Adrian Peterson’s Mug Shot Makes Me Laugh

BxaynYNIUAAI6WHremember when your parents use to say:


well adrian peterson’s latest mugshot screams…

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Adrian Peterson: The Next Example In “Career Gon’ Bye Bye”?

Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikingsirony is interesting.
just over a year ago,
nfl baller wolf adrian peterson,
lost one of his random kids to child abuse.
now this year,
in a twist i didn’t see coming,
he may lose his career for the very same thing.
i guess all that holy behavior didn’t make him immune to scandal.
adrian peterson is now front and center in another scandal.
one that involves whippin his child with a switch.
simple enough right?
well not exactly…
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Take These Two Baller Wolves Out The Meat Market

MEATMARKETwell foxhole,
two of the baller wolf favs are officially off the meat market.
i shed a tear earlier today at work.
minnesota viking,
adrian peterson,
married his long time fiance,
they recently showed up to a charity event wearing weddings rings and confirmed the nuptials.
she also changed her twitter name to “peterson”.
  you know its real when that happens.
the other is new yawk giants,
victor cruz.
he actually proposed to his long time girlfriend and career “turn down for never”,
elaina watley.
here is the video…
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So Will The Father of Adrian Peterson Son Please Stand Up?

NFL: Minnesota Vikings-Training Campthis whole thing has now gotten very messy.
adrian peterson’s secret lust child succumbed to his injuries yesterday.
a very whatever calm adrian addressed the media,
as well as twitter where he put to the rest the rumors of it being adrian jr:

Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 7.02.21 PMseriously everyone.
please stop posting pictures of his claimed kid by his fiance.
another wolf who claims he was the real father of the slain cub went off on facebook…

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