Stayed At The House of Cards For The Weekend

House_of_Cards,_season_3,_promo_imageso i my slight depressive state,
i watched damn near everything i had to watch last weekend.
i stayed in bed and didn’t leave until i caught up on everything.
i finally finished “house of cards: season 3” and well…

Frank-Underwoodso everyone was complaining the season was too slow.
well it was.
sometimes slow is good.
it didn’t really pack the same punch as the other 2 seasons.
there was no overt ruthlessness or major “didn’t see that coming” deaths.
this season was about unraveling and closure.
this was the season where everything came full circle.
it was a “wake up call” for many.
characters finally realized their worth.
hell if they were even worth anything at all.
i enjoyed it.
it didn’t have #boom,
but it did have the #buildup for the upcoming 4th season.
i’m only mad we have to wait til next year.

tumblr_miw9rk9gxs1r7f4pto1_400next fuckin’ year!!!
like seriously?
so i had to ask

Did anyone else enjoy season 3 as much as i did?

lowkey: i loved claire’s storyline this season.

Author: jamari fox

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3 thoughts on “Stayed At The House of Cards For The Weekend”

  1. See. You get it. It’s setting us up for Season 4. And Claire unraveled, but always so poised. I love how she grabbed her back with a few things and hit it. No turning back. Next season is gonna be an all out war. A year is a blower. But we’ll patiently wait.

    1. ^i have this feeling she is going to run for president as well.
      I wonder why she was so shook when that secret of the abortion was going to come out?
      I mean she was SCARED.
      had to put her head in the fridge and everything.

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