So You Still Want To Sell Herbalife?


so remember when almost every ig attentionisto had herbalife?
they would try to suck you up with dreams of being on their team.
take that as you will.
well it seems like herbalife got sued.
$200m worth of sued.
all those promises of being the next “donald trump” were alleged pipe dreams.
this is the story via the la times

Herbalife Ltd. agreed Friday to pay $200 million and change its business practices to settle federal regulators’ claims that it falsely told people they could quickly get rich by selling its weight-loss shakes, teas and other supplements.

The Federal Trade Commission issued a stinging rebuke of the Los Angeles-based company’s business model, saying in its complaint that Herbalife had misled people into becoming its distributors or its members with videos and brochures showing mansions, fancy cars and boats and telling them they could quit their jobs.

The “overwhelming majority” of distributors “earn little or no money,” the government said. And many have lost thousands of dollars after being encouraged to lease space to set up “Nutrition Clubs,” where people pay a daily fee to drink a protein shake and tea.

“Herbalife is going to have to start operating legitimately, making only truthful claims about how much money its members are likely to make,” said FTC Chairwoman Edith Ramirez, “and it will have to compensate consumers for the losses they have suffered.”

The company, which had revenues of $4.47 billion last year, said Friday that it disagreed with many of the FTC’s allegations, but had decided to settle to avoid “the financial cost and distraction of protracted litigation.”

Herbalife said it had also agreed to pay $3 million to settle an investigation by the Illinois attorney general’s office. The two settlements resolve all active investigations against Herbalife, the company said.

“The settlements are an acknowledgment that our business model is sound and underscore our confidence in our ability to move forward successfully,” said Herbalife Chief Executive Michael O. Johnson. “Otherwise, we would not have agreed to the terms.”

tumblr_nm94zgtgl41qf454qo1_500-1i mean…
someone go check on the attentionistos who were selling this.
i always assumed anything where a group need to sell a product,
and it all goes by how many minions you sign up,
then it all added up to:


i could be wrong.
too bad herbalife allegedly turned out to be.

article taken: la times

8 thoughts on “So You Still Want To Sell Herbalife?

  1. Isnt it amazing that all the attentionista who were promoting this shit heavily just 2-3 years ago are all now quiet and have moved on to something else. I was suckered into being a distributor 5 years ago and quickly got out when I saw that it was BS, I only lost about $125 but that is $124 too much for this. You can buy all this same BS at Walmarts or GNC or better yet just google or youtube weight loss and meal plans and get the same results for much cheaper. Alot of these dudes who were pushing this were already in great shape by doing something else or taking steroids to achieve that perfect look and fooling us all thinking we can take this sorcery called Herbalife and look amazing without the work. Overprice ponzi scheme, I am glad that they were sued, and hopefully they will be shut down soon. Anybody who tries to introduce to Network marketing RUN fast as you can away from them.

  2. A ponzi scam is a ponzi scam is a ponzi scam…..come on people, didn’t Amway teach y’all anything?

  3. They never seemed to have any success stories. It was always people who already had amazing bodies their got throught hard work and stuff trying to sell this crap to people wanting to look like them.

  4. Well they tried to model themselves like Amway but again it’s all a pyramid. You need people and they need people and so on and so forth

  5. Nothing but shit drinks just like those protein and weight gainer. A lured predictable scheme just by some green logo, wow! The only supplements i look up to is spinach and chicken breast.

    1. Actually, protein DOES work. The issue comes when they tell people different brands of protein work better and the only thing that changes is the taste. That, and it’s not a miracle, you still have to work hard.

  6. People really became suckers for a get rich quick scheme. Did they really believe they would profit that much off of Herbalife that they would be sitting in mansions and eating caviar?

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