Garden Snakes In My Forest

One thing any man, gay or straight, needs is trust.

Trust is a major faux pas in this lifestyle especially.
Dudes running around here with HIV, all while trying to fuck you without a condom.
Dudes talking to you and then, fucking the next dude they meet off a chat site the following night.
Then we got dudes who, when things are going smooth, will run back to pussy because they had a change of heart (or is that body parts?)

But worst of all,
you got people you claim as friends that will lie, cheat, and backstab their way into your heart.

Sounds like the script to a teenage white person’s tv show, huh?
Nope, I call it my life.

Jamari Fox has trust issues.

There, I said it.
I have trust issues.
I have been through alot in my lifetime and it has lead me to be unforgiving.
I will cut you off once I sense danger.
Like a clever fox, I refuse to end up in any traps.

I thought I left all that behind in the past but recently,
it has reared it’s ugly head in my present.
Well, it isn’t so bad but I have a few who take advantage of my kindness.
I feel there is no respect when it comes to what I feel and my wants.

….especially when the other party complained that the same little things they do to me, has happened to them.
Things I was a witness too.
Things that also confuse me because they felt so strongly about it.

What is a poor Fox to do?
Not saying that the person is vile and needs to be tossed behind me.
We have been friends for a long time.
I need to teach them a lesson because talking obviously isn’t working.

I’ll keep you updated fellow foxes.

3 thoughts on “Garden Snakes In My Forest

  1. this is exactly why I have running partners,associates and blood brothers…my running
    partners are peeps I will hit the streets with if I am in that mood,associates are
    my shady run-ins who keeps shit moving…I know these folks is full of drama and
    handle them accordingly… my bloods ,we are more in with each other and
    a little tighter them the other two… foxie dont despire….make a list,separate
    those who need to be separated and keep it moving ….right

  2. Maybe this isnt the friend you think they have always been. By you continuing it….sounds like they think they know they got you and you aint going nowhere so where is the need for change and panic… had better start limiting your contact to show you are really not thrilled and their performance was good friend has been wayyyy less than stellar!

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