simeon panda mistakenly shows us how undercover gays flirt?

foxhole fav,
simeon panda,
has always played up to his strengths.
i love him for it.
he knows what bawdy parts get him the most attention.
even tho he is straight af,
he made a video that really confused me.

so for 3 days,
that “straight” hood wolf walked past business wolf clearly advertising?
the jeans got lower and lower as the days went on.
i’m sorry but…

you can see that live in most gyms,
and workplaces if you realllllllllly pay attention.
sometimes we miss our moments.
stay woke.

lowkey: you know what’s crazy?
if a “straight” male did what the hood wolf was doing in public,
he’d suddenly be confused if you hit on him.
it’s like if you 
do nothing,
he’ll continue to do that for 40 das and 40 nights.
he’ll finally come and sit at that table and still do nothing.
when you say “wassup”,
he’ll respond,
and you’ll never see him again.

why is this?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

24 thoughts on “simeon panda mistakenly shows us how undercover gays flirt?”

  1. It took a second but it’s starting to sound like Work Wolf. Wanting that attention but when you give it to him, act all surprised like he didn’t send signals in the first place.

    I’m actually surprised with this post from Simeon. I wish I knew the context of what his message intended. Did the businessman find the situation silly and was it out of mockery that he took it further? Did he make this video as a joke in order to show off both his upper and lower body? If so. why in this way? I mean, we’ve seen it and often. Makes you wonder, how str8 are we talking? lol

    1. ^shit not even just work wolf…

      i love how he always shows off that muscular tail now.
      i’ll allow it.
      i’m sure there is some vanity involved.
      when it is never?

      1. Ugh I need help, this is my life at work. I’m so sick of it. I go in like “today I’m not gonna speak or nothing since he was acting funny when I was talking to him” than they bounce back over to you like nothing when you don’t say isht like wtf??

  2. Maybe I’m under thinking it but I viewed this as him making a joke about how silly sagging looks… maybe? 🤷🏾‍♂️

    1. ^this video can have many different meanings to everyone.
      i saw what you and other stuff from personal experience.
      i’m not saying he is gay at all,
      but i’ve seen dl gays operate like this as well.

  3. The guy that’s walking past him is saying”Hey, look at me! Don’t I look good! Simeon is checking him out, saying ” You look good, but I look better and I’m going to let you have it!”. Take that Mr saggy jeans!! LoL, they both look good.

    1. You do realize that was him playing both roles, right? Lol
      Day 3 was a bit much. As much as I still see dudes sagging (sadly) I’ve never seen one sagging with his bulge showing! LOL
      However, we did see this homeless dude with a phatty sagging…and you could see shit stains in his drawers. LMAO

  4. interesting. yeah, str8 men are weird lol. i thought of a lot of meanings behind this video. curious what others have to say.

  5. But let’s keep in mind we may not understand the content because he is overseas. I think England which they have a whole set of norms that we Americans don’t

    1. The white men in England do yes. However the Black men don’t. Remember most black people from the UK are of African or Caribbean heritage (both extremely homophobic cultures).

      The chances of you running into a “gay friendly” Black British guy is if he mainly hangs around white people and not the black community.

  6. I think that he’s making fun of guys that sag. Simeon Panda has a great body but I wonder how much time he has and is spending in the gym, I wonder how he makes a living and how much he earns and I strongly suspect that he uses performance enhancing drugs. Maybe the video is in part to expand his career into modeling and acting.

    I would appreciate comments from the Foxhole about all of the above. Inquiring minds want to know.

    1. No, he is legit (as far as I know). He is widely known in the bodybuilding circuit/world, and is one of their top. if not the top earner. He has his own clothing line (of course) and reps several fitness supplements:

      He also made Forbes list of top fitness influencers in 2017:

      There was a story about steroid use, but who knows if it’s true or not. I never realized he was British until about 2 years ago, when I saw a video of him demonstrating a lifting routine.

  7. He may be making fun of guys who sag but I’ve always felt that men who like to advertise their booty on Instagram are holding up the bat signal for D.L men. They be recording themselves squatting and lunging with those tight ass leggings on and no underwear. You better believe dudes be sliding right up in them d.m’s and then up in that ass later on.

    1. I do believe that guys who emphasize their as and bulge MAY have a tendency to swing both ways. Generally, most will respond to comments from dudes saying they are str8 (it’s a cover tactic for some) but there are many who ignore the comments.
      I can never understand how guys can train pretty much in their underwear. I’m surprised the gym even allows it,

      1. When you see men posting a photo or video with their ass hanging out and other men comment with this emoji “💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾”, you better believe that’s code for I wanna fuck.

  8. Looks to me like he’s showing the difference between sagging and being classy.

    The video most likely has absolutely nothing to do with DL behavior at all. It is a mockery of men that think sagging is cool and makes them look bad a**

    One guy has his pants sagging vowing for attention and they keep getting lower and lower.. He is screaming, “Look at me!” “Look at me! I’m cool. I got my shirt off and my pants low. I’m a real bad azz nigga.”

    Him playing the second role is interesting… revealed later to be wearing a dressy shirt but not having any pants on at all, which shocks the other one. Which is pretty ironic…

    The overall message:

    “What’s the point of wearing pants if you wanna sag? Might as well walk around with no pants on to been seen for attention if that’s the case…”

    They are called “under” garments for a reason.

    Also, there is a verse in the video ..”Real gangsta a** niggas don’t flex nuts, cause real gangsta a** niggas know they got ’em.” This is a pretty blatant reference to this video as well…

    Also, sagging is not an idicator of DL behavior. If anything, it represents a dudes level of maturity.

    The only true and trial method for DL behavior are the eyes and attention. If you can hold a man’s gaze, you’ve already taken a piece of his soul. If a man likes you, he will show it. You’ll see it in his eyes or behavior i.e. being extra nice, smiling when he sees you..etc.) You can be a DL ninja all day but if you like someone, you go out of your way to show it.

    The saggers are the ones to avoid if they are DL because it means they are open to anybody that comes along and they probably are still pretty young too. What grown man still sags for attention? lol

    Boys dress in swag, while men wear finesse.

    Don’t forget it.

    1. What grown man still sags for attention?

      The ones that are STILL caught in their “glory days” and won’t let go! I can’t stand to see a grown ass man, walking around dressed like a teenager…thinking he still got it. It’s sad.

  9. I forgot to add in the bit about the Thug Man’s shocked expression. Like, he was shocked to the point of, “Don’t nobody want to see that…” But he failed to realize that he himself was pretty much doing the same thing much to Classy Man’s displeasure.

    Classy Man paid him no mind at first but began to notice how hard Thug Man was trying to perpetrate being “hard and hyper masculine”.

    By day three Classy Man had enough of Thug Man’s foolery and decides to give him a taste of his own medicine.

    Thug Man sees this on Day 4 and his is expression is, “WTF??!! I don’t want to see that!”

    Classy Man has proved his point…”No one wants to see yours either.”

    As I mentioned earlier, the song lyrics back all this up.

  10. As others have said, I think he is making fun of people sagging. We need to talk about him in those Gray Calvins though. He is a bit big for my taste, but his physique is beautiful.

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