rip to dean kevin

we are losing a lot of people recently.
life can take some unexpected turns.
the next to go back home is dean kevin.
i have seen him around on social media and he was quite popular.
i know him because of his chest tattoo:


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someone i know posted “rip dean” with his face attached.
i immediately recognized him.
the last post i saw of him was about how he looked good at his age.
i think he was in his 40s if i recall.
when i went to his profile,
i saw all the rip comments under his last post…


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very sad news to read today.
i hope he his transition was peaceful and he is in God’s loving embrace.
may his loved ones be comforted in their time of grief.
may he rest peacefully.

lowkey: may we not lose any more of our loved ones so prematurely.
may they continue to live healthily and safely until their older years.
this goes for us as well.

8 thoughts on “rip to dean kevin

  1. How sad. Prayers of support to his loved ones. May his soul find peace.

    My Brothers .Pleases seek help! Tell someone if you get dark thoughts or feel hopeless.

    Life is beautiful and bad times don’t last!

    I promise that there is something and someone out there that can fill that void. There is always hope. To be alive is a gift!!

  2. Prayers for his loved ones. It’s just sad. A young Man that I followed on IG randomly post a video collage of his own pics that said R.I.P. He disappeared for a week, tossed his phone so they couldn’t track Him. Week later his Sister and family found Him deceased. It’s sad when people die prematurely.

      1. I
        Am sorry to see these young people who are visually appealing, apparently healthy, from what we know, succumb. Suicide’s or sudden deaths, who knows? I wonder are steroids proliferating and creating this bevy of spectrums? From sadness to anger to otherwise.
        Condolences 🙏.

          1. I’m not sure what it was. I know someone posted a long post and said they had talked to him while he was in the hospital and he told them “don’t cry I will beat this”. So I’m thinking he was sick with something??? I don’t think it was suicide.

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