andrew gillum’s alleged escorting ghost, travis dyson, might be coming back from the dead

your ghosts will come back to haunt you if you’re not careful. you think they’ve moved on, but they’re patently waiting to come up from their graves. remember i asked ya’ll what happened to the escort, travis dyson, who was involved with the andrew gillum situation? he has his dvr set for monday morning. why?…

andrew gillum’s comeback will be televised

how long does a “comeback” usually take? andrew gillum clearly wants his comeback to happen now. the rona and his scandal has kept him down long enough. he’s about to have a sit down interview on a major platform in a week…

andrew gillum has something to say about kamala harris

andrew gillum is dipping another toe in the water. he is slowly making sure he keeps his name out here. he wished obama a happy birthday:   View this post on Instagram   From one LEO to the next, Happy Birthday, Mr. President 👊🏾. In honor of President Obama’s Birthday, I hope that we can … Continue reading “andrew gillum has something to say about kamala harris”

andrew gillum has a question he needs answered before his birthday

like many of us, we are pretty bored during the new normal that is “the rona”. andrew gillum is taking this time to come back stronger. it seems he is easing his toes back into the spotlight slowly. as you know, ( x he did this video to update us ). well he wants to … Continue reading “andrew gillum has a question he needs answered before his birthday”

andrew gillum gives us a word for 11:11

many people don’t realize drug and alcohol abuse is a band-aid. it’s often used as a cover for depression or other mental health issues. i always question when someone can’t function without getting high or drunk. there is always “something” behind it all. sometimes, folks use it to help quiet the sounds of the sexuality … Continue reading “andrew gillum gives us a word for 11:11”

andrew gillum and the body cam footage hit the scene

andrew gillum is in the news once again. this time, the body cam footage and more pictures from “meth-gate” has been released. a foxholer sent me the lead and wow…