One Night With Braylon Edwards Sounds Like Heaven

OMFGBRAYLONEin a perfect world…
i would ask to have one night with braylon edwards and it would be granted.
no going through hoops,
andcrossing “t”s or dotting “i”s.
matta a factualssss…..
i would say it about any (pre)baller wolf and would happened.
sadly this isn’t a perfect world.
well braylon is continuing his “nofucksbutfun” shirtless tour and well…

braylon looks like a bag of money.
like fresh hundreds.LL-1why does he look like he would be an experience?
his workout game all over his instagram say enough…

that serfboart looks like it would have you holding onto dear life.
okay on a serious note,
why does braylon look like a chippendale dancer?
he is super swole now.
veins and all.
look at one arm:
Screen Shot 2014-07-12 at 10.07.57 AMask me if i care?
hell his entire wolf pack does as well.

don’t laugh.
sounds like a potential career in the making.
bray looks like he been said “fuck the nfl” long time ago.

pictures courtesy: braylon’s instagram

19 thoughts on “One Night With Braylon Edwards Sounds Like Heaven

  1. I never heard about Bray Bray.. but I am not surprised. He loves being around his dudes 🙂 and I love that about him lol He keeps good eye candy around him. Bray Bray has so much sex appeal. I don’t know who i love more him or Kerry whewww

  2. I thought it was common knowledge that Braylon was bi? I follow the NFL and teams avoided him because of it especially after getting caught in a car with some dude.

    1. I would not be surprised. However, with the signing of Michael Sam. Why would teams avoid him at this point tho? Let’s face it, Braylon’s game is not as good as it was when he was with the Browns.

      Now Kerry Rhodes would be signed if it wasn’t for the incident. His situation was messy, and signing him would possibly come with baggage. He is no scrub tho and he should get another chance.

  3. Anyone remember when Braylon and Kerry Rhodes used to be roommates? There were a lot of rumors since people didn’t think there was any need for two grown, rich men to have to live together. With all the speculation about Kerry it makes you wonder…

  4. All of Braylon’s friends probably don’t get down. More than likely, he mixes them all together. Guys do that all the time. When I was still in high school, I always had a couple of homeboys close by who I knew got down, along with straight friends lol.

    That trainer in that clip tho. Yea…he seems a lil suspect. His name is Roland Burks. I went to his instagram page earlier, and judging from his page, he’s a pretty good trainer who will work you out til you are tired. If he was my trainer, I’d wear his ass out after my workouts were done everyday lol. He’s a cute lil dude. His page is now private though. Is that just a coincidence….or is he shook? I wanted some workout tips. Damn.

  5. Impressive. Wonder if anyone else sees the relationship (and the sexual roles) that jump out from a couple of these photos. Muscle is just muscle. Anyone committed to working hard can develop it. But it doesn’t really hide anything, despite what people think. I know some of y’all know what I’m talking about.

    1. Yea, I peeped some shit. Dude in the orange shorts and orange shoes is holding his hand way too low on Braylon’s back. His hand is practically on his ass.

    2. They look like butch queens on vacation. Lol

      Maybe that’s just how they roll, but usually straight guys that are close friends still give each other adequate body space in pictures, especially with their shirts off.

      Not making assumptions, just saying it’s questionable.

  6. Makes no damn sense to be this fine and good looking. If I were in his city, he would have to get a restraining order against me but maybe I could just go to his gym and befriend his crew and get in undercover that way to be around him. I can tell him and the crew probably walk around naked in front of each other when they are inside and are probably always super horny or at least I can dream they do LOL! Whats interesting about Braylon is that he always surrounds himself around his homeboys, like he wants to hang with the homies more so than any female company. I guess he lives by the philosophy of “Bro’s over Ho’s” Never the less he is number one on my fantasy list of men, cant help stanning for this pineapple 🙂

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